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Out of my mind on dope and speed  performed by Julian Cope  1986
Recommended by phil [profile]

And people say eminem is hard - Julian was singing about drugs long before. This one is truly magnificent: "Then I heard my mother cry/ 'I'm out of my mind on dope and speed!'/ No no, let me tell you not no word of a lie..." Julian sings in a Scott Walker style. He also cheerily gives instructions to his musicians as he goes along: "This time, stay on A!". It's really good. For whatever reason, the album this was on was suppressed, but he stuck it out on the greatest hits (Floored Genius) anyway.

from Skellington (unreleased)
available on CD - Floored Genius (Sony)

Jellypop Perky Jean  performed by Julian Cope  1991
Recommended by delicado [profile]

A lovely little pop song, Jellypop perky Jean uses a standard Julian Cope trick - having a nice little repetitive musical phrase running in the background throughout the whole song. He then builds things up with a simple organ sound. The effect is very gentle and ambient and wonderful. At one point late in the song, Julian stunningly stops singing and starts talking. Here the real genius cuts through, and I start wondering why more people don't rant on about this guy as much as I do.

from Droolian
available on CD - Floored Genius (Sony)

tears of a clown  performed by mark holmes  1965
Recommended by jmadferit [profile]

there is nothing like hearing mark holmes count down into this explosive cover. it's tops. you should check it out. in fact, check out all of his compilations.

from Mark holmes compilation 12 (sony 90210), available on CD

You Got to Me  performed by Neil Diamond
Recommended by Celainn [profile]

available on CD - The Essential (Sony)

miserarete  performed by Judy Ongg  1979
Recommended by chipple [profile]

I found this 7" at the flea market in Meiji-koen. This song was Judy Ongg's greatest hit, released in 1979. It is indeed a great song! On June 16, 2004, a version produced by Yasuharu KONISHI will be released: KONISHI Yasuharu feat. Judy Ongg "miserarete (2004 Version)" (Speedstar/Victor VICL-35626).

from miserarete (Sony 06SH 456)
available on CD - Golden Best Judy Ongg Sony Music Years 1973-1983 (Sony)

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