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I Hate You  performed by The Monks  1966
Recommended by tinks [profile]

"Don't you know that my hate is everlasting, baby?" The story of the Monks is the story of rock & an alternate reality, perhaps. Take a bunch of bored US servicemen stationed in Germany about to be discharged, put them in a band, and have them decide to freak out the establishment by dressing in black capes, shaving their heads into monk's tonsures and wearing nooses as neckties. Perhaps not so shocking in these days after punk rock, but this was 1965. Oh, and don't forget the electric banjo. What began as a fairly standard surf/beat combo called the Torquays mutated into this band, churning out some of the most nihilistic music you've ever heard, even by German standards.

from Black Monk Time (Polydor), available on CD (Repertoire)

  13 May 02 ·PappaWheelie: Over-Beat is Punk Rock! Glad to meet another convert.
Talk Talk  performed by The Music Machine  1966
Recommended by tempted [profile]

Punk really was born in the sixties. This song, perhaps THE classic of its genre, oozes with energy and rage. The fuzz guitar sound is pure evil and when it comes in you just bless the stereophonic effect. Like The Velvet Underground, this song must've made a lot of people start a band.
The band wore black and had black instruments. They tuned their guitars a full step lower to make their sound more threatening. It worked. And all this back in '66.

from Turn On, available on CD (Repertoire)

  09 May 01 ·tinks: yeah, sean bonniwell really was one of the unsung whacked-out geniuses of his generation.
It'll Never Happen Again  performed by Tim Hardin  1966
Recommended by G400 Custom [profile]

This wonderful record is the closest I've heard to an American Nick Drake. Very short and jazzy, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, impeccable white soul vocals... what more do you need? Good if you like Tim Buckley. That someone could be this good on their debut album is little short of incredible. Heroin victim Hardin's second album is even better.

from Tim Hardin
available on CD - Tim Hardin 1/2 (Repertoire)

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