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Broke  performed by Modest Mouse  2000

i'll recommend this song with two others (and i'll recommend each individually as well). never ending math equation, interstate 8, broke. these are the first three songs on modest mouse's album titled building nothing out of something. the three fill eachother out nicely.

from building nothing out of something

Glory Box  performed by Portishead  1994

the song is one of the most sensual i've heard. it has me singing lyrics that are all too clearly made for a woman to sing. the song has an awesome beat, onto which a great, heavy, solo guitar is thrown. and beth gibbons' voice- always great- is especially great on this track.

from Dummy

  03 Aug 06 ·FCS: Hey man... Since you're into Portishead, I think you may also like Goldfrapp, especially "Felt Mountain" album... Try listening to Horse Tears or Deer Stop!
I Want Wind To Blow  performed by The Microphones  2001

i think this song is beautiful. it's subtle but moving. the structure and composition of the song is great. both instrumentally and vocally it has a very nice development. the song that follows (the glow, pt. 2) on the album is a very natural extension of i want wind to blow. at the same time it offers a first glimpse into the microphones' heavier songs.

from The Glow Pt. 2

25 or 6 to 4  performed by Chicago  19??

while i don't like much of chicago's music, i like this song a whole lot. their music is often a bit cheesy to me, but this song rocks out. the guitar is awesome in it. it's a fast and furious rock and roll guitar. it single handedly makes this song. the title actually refers to two types of acid available in the 60's(?), 25 or 624. so, to imagine this song, think of a great classic rock guitar on acid.

from Greatest Hits. originally, who knows.

  28 Jul 04 ·borgs8: I think you're incorrect about the meaning of the song. The compound for lsd or cocaine is nowhere close to resembling 25 or 6 to 4. The song, written by Robert Lamm, is about staying up all night writing a song. (3:35 am.)
  08 Aug 04 ·kaptnunderpnts: You're right. The explanation I gave I heard once and took it as true. Thanks for the correction. I tend to question what I hear but I felt there was no harm in believing the acid explanation.
  04 Oct 04 ·allenmurphy: Actually the acid explanation is correct. LSD-25 was a popular type of LSD in the 60's. The drug known as Thorazine was considered to stop the effects of acid trip. Guess what? The number on the pill was 624. The lyrics in every verse suggest the effects of acid, spinning in his room, staring at blurry lights, etc. The question he asks himself is whether to take more LSD(25) and keep tripping or take Thorazine(624) and come down as the day breaks. Your shit has officially been ruined.
  04 Oct 04 ·kaptnunderpnts: Right on allenmurphy. I like the acid idea more anyways. I thought that that was a really stupid way to refer to the time. I mean, artistic and creative freedom aside, 25 or 6 to 4 is a stupid way to refer to an hour of the day. I give Chicago a little more credit than that. Let's see if someone else writes and says that it really is a time of day. I couldn't open
  28 Oct 04 ·allenmurphy: sorry, try again. nice to hear from ya kaptnunderpnts
Killing Floor  performed by Jimi Hendrix Experience  1967

the song is live at the monterey pop festival. it is one of the cleanest, tightest, most rippin' songs i've ever heard from the jimi hendrix experience. one of the best classic rock guitar songs.

from Jimi Plays Monterey


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