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The Moon  performed by The Microphones  2001
Recommended by ispoketofoxes [profile]

The Glow Pt. 2 was on so many "best of 2001" lists that it pretty much had to be true. The biggest Microphones fans even state The Glow Pt. 2 as being their favorite. That has to show something.
From the opening track you are immediately hooked. The first two tracks build up for my personal favorite, "The Moon." The moon has such a beautiful beginning that that alone makes it my favorite. The lyrics tell a little romance but still remain to keep the weird feeling when listening to The Microphones. Fuzz, drums, piano, and horns make up the pretty sounds that carry the song along. Of all the great songs this album contains, "The Moon" contains Phil Elvrum at his best.

from The Glow Pt. 2, available on CD (K Records)

I Want Wind To Blow  performed by The Microphones  2001
Recommended by kaptnunderpnts [profile]

i think this song is beautiful. it's subtle but moving. the structure and composition of the song is great. both instrumentally and vocally it has a very nice development. the song that follows (the glow, pt. 2) on the album is a very natural extension of i want wind to blow. at the same time it offers a first glimpse into the microphones' heavier songs.

from The Glow Pt. 2

I Want Wind To Blow  performed by The Microphones  2001
Recommended by sinister [profile]

i love this song. it repeats itself without ever really repeating itself, and the melody is wonderful. it evokes images of being on a boat that is slowly leaving the harbour, gathering pace while your face is soothed by a warm breeze.

from The Glow 2, available on CD

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