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Poetry Man  performed by Phoebe Snow  1975

Whoa... am I loosing my mind here? Next I'll be listening to Cristopher Cross. But Phoebe's got something knowing about her voice. She's alluring in her 70's way. And then the last verse comes in about the guy being married and she wants him to stay. "He makes things alright..."

available on CD - The Best of Phoebe Snow

These Days  performed by Nico  1967

I always thought Nico was kinda ridiculous. But when I saw the Royal Tennenbaums a few months ago and they dropped this tune, I was sold. This whole album is a great mixture of strings and Nico's barren, exact vocals. The soundtrack is great, no doubt, but get "Chelsea Girl" for the full impact.

available on CD - Chelsea Girl

  19 Mar 06 ·b. toklas: No, she was not ridiculous at all. She was rather one of the darkest figures in pop history. I saw her twice in concert before she died in 1988. It was very intense and even disturbing. Lou Reed didn�t like her, but John Cale obviously considered her a true artist and produced several of her albums. In places she has a dark beauty, in others the darkness turns into a frightening abyss. But it�s always innovative and of an high originality. I don�t listen to her music very often, but I feel great respect for her.
East Breeze  performed by Okay Temiz  1975

I got into Turkish pop/rock music after picking up a Mogollar CD in Istambul a year or two ago. Like Mogollar, Okay Temiz combines eastern rhythms and instrumentation with rock sounds. You can forget most of this because all you need to know is "East Breeze" is Super FUNKY. Great driving rhythms mesh with flute and synths and the whole thing rocks.

from Drummer of Two Worlds (Finnadar Records)

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