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I Love Every Little Thing About You  performed by  Syreeta  (1972)
Composed by Stevie Wonder
Arranged by Stevie Wonder
From: USA
Mood: joyous, funky, bright
Recommended by ambassador [profile] on Wednesday 26th April 2006

The day I bought this LP I got home late so I only had time to throw on the first track of the first side before my girlfriend asked me to turn it off. As soon as I heard it I knew immediately that I wanted to hear it again. I woke up with the song bouncing in my head. I was gonna be late to work, but I recorded the song so I could listen to it on the commute. I must have listened to it all the way to work and all the way home, so about 30 times before I tired of it. Why is it so great, you ask? I would say it was the Stevie factor as he wrote, produced and played nearly all of the instruments on this, his writing partner's debut album, but Syreeta really wails on her vocal parts infusing the song with an undeniable optimism. This was the year when Stevie really started to get adventerous with his music and you can tell that he took some additional liberties on this album then he did on his own from the same period, Music of My Mind. His version of this song from his album is great, but doesn't have the same synthesizer groove that bubbles along with the funky drums like syreeta's does. Marvelous song. I gave it to a friend and within days his friends' minds were all blown as well.

from Syreeta (MoWest 7001)
available on CD - Japanese Import?

Other Versions: Stevie Wonder, Music Of My Mind (1972)
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