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mrs Bluebird  performed by  eternity’s children  (1967)
Composed by Eternity's children
Arranged by same
From: USA
Mood: pre bubble gum
Recommended by tiltpak3234 [profile] on Friday 4th June 2004

took 30 years but I found a drummer from LSU that remembered the artist. i bought the cd, cannot wait to hear the full version, as it has been 30 years for one of my most favorites

from sme (? ?)
available on CD - yes (?)

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  22 Dec 04 ·ronin: I can't believe someone _knows_ this song! Thank you--it's popped in and out of my mind for years, and I never knew who sang it. It's a song for the dawn--a humid summer sunrise song.
  23 Dec 04 ·n-jeff: This song is already listed with a lot, and I mean a LOT of comments. See Mrs Bluebird (not capitalisation!).
  12 Jan 05 ·tiltpak3234: The first verse of Mrs. Bluebird is very clear, but have you ever truly made out the second verse??
  04 Jun 06 ·Judyd: I am trying to find out more about this band that I loved so much. Charlie Hanscom was a drummer with them for a while? He is probably who you met from LSU? Where can I find out more? Judy
  17 Jun 06 ·Judyd: Charlie was my boyfriend. He is now passed away. He replaced the original drummer for a while. They toured So California. I have the album cover. I am trying to find people who were on that tour for his grown children to know more about those days.......... Judy
  17 Jun 06 ·Judyd: Charlie Hanscom passed away from an accidental drowning where he saved a woman's life who could not swim. He died 5/22/2006. He lived in Pineville, La. He leaves 3 children and 3 Grandchildren. He was the drummer for a while in EC and also worked with managing the Zombies back in the 60's. He will be missed. He never lost his love of music. He will be my guy forever and ever.. Judyj Forever Yours, Faithfully....
  26 Jun 06 ·Judyd: I am greiving and have a shattered heart so forgive me..... I had the date wrong. It was 5/23 that Charlie Hanscom passed on. I listened to the EC album today and it is soooo good. Took me back to happy times for sure. Linda has a great voice. Judyd
  28 Apr 07 ·Mac2: Anyone know what happend to Linda Lawley?
  28 Apr 08 ·rupertwalden: i first saw 'the kid' at a local place called 'bikini beach' in st. francisville, la. he was with a group called the 'neurotic sheep' from houston. he did not have his B3 then, probably a Farfisa, but it was obvious that he was an exceptional player. i later saw him with 'eternity's children'. i first saw them playing behind chicken wire at a fraternity blowout at LSU, probably '67. there were bands all over the place. when i later saw them in a real setting, it was love. i know that their recorded work is what we now have and can comment on - but live was the real way to appreciate them. i have tryed to remember songs from their live sets. when i first saw them they were a foursome, no guitar - but it was hardly missed as 'the kid' seemed to fill up all the gaps. in '68, roy disappered, and the next week they had a new drummer and a guitar player. i play drums and have long thought that i missed the 'audition' that might have changed my life. i recently learned that their 'management' choose the drummer and guitar man from another local band, so maybe i never really had a chance.......but live was something else. 'the worst that could happen'/ 'stoned souled picnic'/ 'it's your thing'/ 'sing a simple song'/ 'nowadays clancy can't even sing'--these are some of the live tunes that will always ring in my ears. they were 'jaw dropping' kind of things - you just wanted to say "WOW! I can't believe i just heard that!" i know a guy that was involved in their baton rouge management. he said they did Hollies tunes note for note in thier early days. i can only imaginge how great that was. I am sick to learn that some have passed away. i last saw linda singing backup for carole king at the new orleans jazz fest. carole pointed her out as a 'local girl' and she sang something on her own - she sounded as good, even better, than i remember from the 'old days.' i am so thankful that i was there to enjoy and appreciate 'eternity's children.' i did not see every 'incarnation' of the group, but what i did enriched my musical life. i am so glad that there are others that also are 'turned on' to them. it's so great to have their recorded stuff, but a real time machine comes along, i invite you all back to '66-'70 to hear the 'real deal.' you will enjoy the trip - of that i am most certain!!!

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