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Gravity Grave  performed by Verve  1993
Recommended by LawrenceM [profile]

a fantastic 8 minute trip. loose, completely unstructured with neither verse nor chorus to be found. just fantastic vibes and a sense that this is like nothing you've ever heard before. this song works amazingly well if you're driving down a country road in the middle of the night, when the road is covered in fog.

from Gravity Grave EP (Hut)
available on CD - The Verve EP (Vernon Yard)

River Deep Mountain High  performed by Celine Dion  1997
Recommended by ajhorse21 [profile]

Powerful vocals... the verses have a strange and different tune- they sound almost like Celine's making it up as she goes along, but in a good way. Even if this isn't her most heartfelt song, it is very good and fun to listen to.

available on CD - VH1 Divas Live

  delicado: Celine Dion recommendations are like buses - you wait 5 years and then two come along at once!
  n-jeff: You should listen to the Ike and Tina Turner version, produced by Mr Spector P himself.
Mighty doesn't do it justice: it sounds like it's sung from the top of a mountain with the forcefulness to carry it clean across the ocean.

  konsu: I'm a digger of Harry Nilsson's version myself... But I agree with n-jeff, the Ike & Tina version is definative. I haven't heard the Celine version, but I imagine it being housed-up... ick.
  n-jeff: Harry Nilsson, eh? Interesting choice of cover for him, being something of a non-bombast type. I'll have to find that. Thanks konsu!
  konsu: Well... I wouldn't call his version bombastic, but it picks up nicely on the energy of the original without leaving it in their court. It appears on his debut "Pandemonium Shadow Show".I would have to say his earlier work just contains more verve in general. I would also recommend his "A Little Schmilsson in the Night" LP to any Celine fan. His range as a vocalist cannot be underestimated.

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