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Escape From Mantua  performed by featuring Mundy  1996
Recommended by cryofthecelt [profile]

This song, also from Baz Luhrmann's "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet", follows heart-broken Romeo on his hurried journey to find his "dead" wife, Juliet. On his way back into Verona, he is followed by police helicopters with machine guns among other things, and breaks down at the steps of St. Peter's Church, holding a priest at gunpoint while screaming at the police "Tempt not a desperate man!" With exhilirating beats and choral pieces from "O Verona" stuck here and there, "Escape from Mantua" is one of my favorite movie score pieces. Truly a wonderful creation.

from William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Volume 2 (Capitol 55567), available on CD

Liebestod  performed by Leontyne Price
Recommended by cryofthecelt [profile]

This song, as heard at the death scene of "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet", is a piece from Richard Wagner's famous "Tristan und Isolde."
I don't know exactly how to describe it, but I can tell you this:
A few years ago, after studying Shakespeare's tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" and watching Baz Luhrmann's version of the film, young student Kip Kinkel became obsessed with what is often called "the greatest love story ever told." Kip believed that "Romeo and Juliet" was exceptionally relevant to his own life. He had recently been a victim of unrequieted love and he felt his parents' constnat pull over him. One day, Kip had a psychotic break. He carried a gun to school and shot several of his classmates, killing them or leaving them seriously injured. He ran. As his parents arrived back at home, Kip blasted "Liebestod" on his stereo, took up his gun, and shot and killed both of them. The music was still playing loud and clear when the police arrived at his home to arrest him.
Scarily enough, that is how moving this music really is.

from Prima Donna Collection Highlights (BMG Classica/RCA Victor Red Seal)
available on CD - William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Volume 2 (Capitol)

  weaveroffates: Actually, Kip Kinkel came home the night before the school shootings, shot his parents (who were very upset because he was expelled from school for having a gun in his locker) and then the next day went to school and killed/injured his peers. The soundtrack to the 1996 version was playing on repeat when the police found the bodies of his parents...but when he killed his parents.
Mad World  performed by Gary Jules  2001
Recommended by cryofthecelt [profile]

"Mad World" was written and originally performed by the popular 80's band Tears for Fears. A more mellow, piano-based cover of the song was featured in the cult movie "Donnie Darko" (Jake Gylenhaal, Patrick Swayze) as performed by folk artist Gary Jules. His version of "Mad World" reached the coveted Christmas #1 spot in the UK in 2003, despite that it was 3 years old and performed by an unknown artist.
This song is quite possibly my favorite song of all time, at least in my Top Ten, because I feel that it describes life very accurately. The chorus of the song is:
"I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had."
To me, this song is saying "Hang in there...I know life sucks on this earth, but you will go to a far better place after your death."
Depressing? No. This song helps me to carry on.

from Donnie Darko (Enjoy)
available on CD - Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets (EMI International)

  malpt: This is a rare occasion where I love the cover more than the original. A very awesome song.
Someone Saved My Life Tonight  performed by Elton John  1975
Recommended by cryofthecelt [profile]

This song was written for me. From the first seconds of "Someone Saved My Life Tonight", the striking sound of piano chords causes me to envision a tear-streaked face overcoming a lifetime of struggle.
My attention was first brought to this beautiful song when I saw the preview trailer for the movie "Moonlight Mile" (Jake Gylenhaal, Susan Sarandon, Dustin Hoffman). Don't bother to rent the movie, it's not that great, but if you're like me, you saw the movie simply because you felt the sweet sounds of "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" move you towards a movie theater or a Blockbuster. I didn't even know that Elton performed this song until I heard it on a CD of my mother's! I fell in love with it immediately - one of my favorite songs ever!

from Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (Polygram Records)
available on CD - Greatest Hits 1970-2002 (Universal)

Syncretism  performed by Annabel
Recommended by Hartfairy [profile]

The vocals are both soothing and hauntingly beautiful along with the music. It has a heartfelt, yet sorrowful feel to it.

Unfaithful  performed by Rihanna  2006
Recommended by Issie [profile]

I am recommending this song cos I like the tune of it it has a sorrowful tune. The lyrics also match up with the tune and I think it is a very god song overall you should listen to it!

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