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Barely Human  performed by Robbie Fulks  1996
Recommended by Aquatown [profile]

Robbie is more noted for bringing a wicked sense of humour to his tunes but this one certainly is an exception. He may have origionally conceived of it as humourous but I think it was producer Steve Albini who convinced him to play it totally straight. What they got was one of the most harrowing listening experiences ever.

from Country Love Songs (Bloodshot BS011), available on CD

Photobooth Curtain  performed by School for the Dead  2004
Recommended by catmarigold [profile]

Poppy Rocky Indie. This song is kind of funny but also kind of sad. Power-pop instrumentation with lots of harmonies. Great lyrics and melody, very cool arrangement.

from The New You (Rub Wrongways Records RWDD21), available on CD

Pure Shores  performed by All Saints
Recommended by LateBirdsInMay [profile]

I'm not just going for the 'most unfashionable song selection' award - this is a great song despite everything. As well as immediately winning me over by being about finding your own secret beach somewhere warm it also manages to be humourous ('...I'm intruiged - I'm insured...') and it's so seductively sung you can't help but be won over. More than that the song's rhythym drives forward at the chorus like a wave, and the overall effect is of being taken to the hidden shore on a rollercoaster.

from The Beach OST

The Stalker  performed by Green Velvet
Recommended by timbotones [profile]

this is a twisted sort of house/techno number that will appeal to non-lovers of house. Its heavy enough, tweaked enough, etc. and the vocals are nice and twisted. dark, but still humorous "im losing my mind"

available on CD - the nineties

Whistle Down the Wind  performed by Nick Heyward  1983
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A lush orchestrated pop song that carries the sadness of autumn and the hope of spring in its stunning almost visual arrangement ,piano ,acoustic guitar and strings weave in and around a deceptively simple song whose chorus will stay with you long after music ends.Very close to perfect pop ,if such a thing exists,thoughtful ,intelligent ,sensitive and humourous .

from North of a Miracle
available on CD - North of a Miracle (Bonus)

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