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Best Adventures  performed by THINKMAN aka RUPERT HINE  1986
Recommended by beautifulmutant [profile]

From the 1986 concept album "The Formula" by Rupert Hine, this is an excellent mid-eighties dnace number which received no radio or MTV rotataion but deserved to. Highly dancable, cool, European and memorable. Rupert Hine is famous as a producer for badns such as The Fixx, Howard Jones, Tina Turner, Eight Seconds, Rush, Stevie Nicks and more...
Don;t let that throw you off though. His solo material is ofetntimes very dark, futuristic, apocolyptic and just plain catchy.

from The Formula (Island)

  ntrembat: I loved the song production (if not the lyrics) and, after watching the video over and over on MTV in '86 (black, paramilitary vans racing around for some forgotten reason), raced out to buy the tape. The rest of the album was really bad. Can't find it on iTunes.
burning skies  performed by tones on tail
Recommended by javaviolet [profile]

This has to be one of the most hypnotizing songs I have ever heard. It is a very dark, goth like song. And from the moment you hear Daniel Ash's opening gutiar, I was hooked.

Cesspools In Eden  performed by Dead Kennedys
Recommended by Durruti [profile]

This is one of the best songs from Bedtime For Democracy. It's slower and more complex than other songs on BFD but it's very dark and very dark.
It's a great song.

from Bedtime For Democracy

Ely Arcoverde Quarteto  performed by Ely Arcoverde  1965
Recommended by sodapop650 [profile]

Ely Arcoverde is a Brazilian organist. His sound is similar to Ze Maria but not as chime-like and almost even a church-organ sound at times. I love this LP because it has a real low meditative sound. It is a quality I find in much of the music from Bahia as opposed to that from the south. The quarteto inludes organ, drums, bass and - a quality that I love alongside the organ - an accoustic guitar. It is mostly instrumental with some vocals similar to the way Jorge Ben would just make repetetive humming and moaning noises in his early LPs. The whole record has a very dark and mysterious feel - sad and lonely the perfect LP for the dark just the light from the stereo tubes flickering. It is available on ebay a lot, it is Ely's most popular LP and it should run you about $50 - 75.

from Ely Arcoverde Quarteto (RGE RXLP-5.279)

Hearth And Soul  performed by Joy Division  1980
Recommended by Durruti [profile]

It's from their last album, Closer. It's very dark and moody. It sounds like Ian (singer) is singing from his grave (It was released post-humuosly)

from Closer, available on CD

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