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Mary’s Prayer  performed by Danny Wilson  1987
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

I saw a video of this a couple times on MTV and never forgot it. I finally caught up with the album "Meet Danny Wilson" years later, in a used bin. None of the three members are named Danny Wilson; it's named after a Frank Sinatra movie. They dress like Sinatra fans as well, and the music's influenced by that era, but it's pure new-wavy piano pop. Reminds me of Joe Jackson, but softer, more romantic. "Lorraine Parade", "Nothing Ever Goes To Plan", and "Steamtrains To The Milky Way" are also album highlights.

from Meet Danny Wilson (Virgin)

Trail Of Tears/Bristol Shores  performed by Eric Johnson  1986
Recommended by MoeShinola [profile]

My favorite ever guitarist. The song is on the Tones album, which was his 1986 debut for Warner Bros, produced by David Tickle(they should work together again - Eric's records have never sounded this good since). Trail Of Tears begins quietly, building up for quite awhile into a fusion of new-wave and Texas Hendrix - yes, you heard me, and it works. At the end the rhythm section drops out and you float with just synth and guitar, which coalesces into Bristol Shores' quiet, arpeggiated clean guitar intro. Bristol Shores is heartfelt and lonely guitar pop, also with a kinda new-wavy feel. I've never heard anything quite like this magical pair of songs, or quite like the sound & style achieved on this record. Eric really should think about revisiting this sound.

from Tones (Warner Broos)

Your Turn, My Turn  performed by The Go-Betweens  1981
Recommended by Dalriada [profile]

This track is on one of those New Wave compilations that I tend to hoard but never really listen to. Well, yesterday I listened to it and found this precious jewel that's been on constant repeat ever since. I've always known about The Go-Betweens, people always told me "The Go-Betweens this", "The Go-Betweens that" and "Why don't you listen to The Go-Betweens?" but, honestly, I never really bothered to. They didn't sound that exciting to me. But this here! Like most ingenious and overwhelming things, at 3 minutes running time it is much too short and yet it is just long enough. It is 3 minutes of concentrated beauty, drama, new-wavy-angst and poetry. It feels like a heartbreak after a night of heavy boozing with its swaying, jerky melody and Forster's manic-depressive vocal performance. Actually, I should try listening to it after a night of heavy boozing and see if it can get any better than it already is.

from Send Me a Lullaby, available on CD ()

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