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Drink the Elixir  performed by Salad  1995
Recommended by number6 [profile]

On a trip to London in 1995 I went to a club the first night and heard a wonderful driving song with smotth female vocals and interesting guitar. I didn't find out what it was. The next night some friends said "come with us to see this band we think you'll like." The first song they played was the one I liked some much the night before!

from Drink Me (Island (UK) CIRD 1002/524 079-2)

  30 Sep 02 ·G400 Custom: Yes, this really is a fantastic upbeat record. It's interesting how the drummer was the best of the three songwriters in the band - Rob Wakeman's lyrics in particular were excellent. There's a couple of other good songs on this album, notably 'Man With A Box'.
Hey Man, Nice Shot  performed by Filter  1995
Recommended by Stian______ [profile]

This is an extremely energic song. Heavy drums and distorted guitars seldom sound this good .This is a song to hear late in the night , when the naschspiel is growing dull-crank up the stereo and put this on ,if it doesnt liven up the audience then nothing will.

from Short Bus, available on CD (Reprise)

Untitled # 1  performed by Spain  1995
Recommended by Stian______ [profile]

Probably the slowest music I have I guess, from an album called The Blue Moods of Spain . Its dream-pop for evenings full of hope, or comforting music for days when all falls apart.The vocalist is not the worlds best , but because hes so natural it just adds to the mood I find. Its hard to pinpoint exactly what I like the most about it ,its just one of those songs u fall in love with and never grow away from.

from The Blue Moods of Spain, available on CD (Restless)

Space Race  performed by Apemen  1995
Recommended by eleki-san [profile]

not just another Space/Surf Instrumental, but a true space hymn with a sweeping 'theremin' sound above all.

from Surfvival of the Onbeschofste, available on CD

Victimís Choice  performed by NoMeansNo  1995
Recommended by Tangento [profile]

This band is one of the tightest, most aggressive and imaginative 'hardcore' acts in modern music today.

This track would be a perfect introduction to NMN for the uninitiated listener.
If you like this one, you have about a dozen albums' worth of catching up to do.

Just marvel at the uninhibited pounding and tightly-woven rhythmic tapestries unleashed by bassist/ vocalist Rob Wright on 'Victim's Choice'.

NoMeansNo's style here can possibly be described as
'Devo Meets The Dead Kennedys'
...if one was so inclined to describe things.

This band just constantly and consistently manages to pour it on extra-tight, extra-heavy, and maniacally complex within the usually confining genre of 'Hardcore'.
(call it what you want, I am just attempting to simplify things here)

So don't be shy! This band will please a wide variety of listeners, from Jazz-Heads to Metal-Heads and many of the in-between-heads alike.

Band Website:

from The Worldhood of the World (as such), available on CD

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