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Paranoid Andriod  performed by Radiohead  199?
Recommended by yawgm8th [profile]

This is my all time favorite song. It has three different parts to it that covay different moods.

from Ok Computer, available on CD

  08 Feb 05 ·yawgm8th: *convey
I want to kiss the Bangles  performed by The Saw Doctors  199?
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

Great Lost Punk Single #1

...well actually part of an E.P. called, I think, Wake Up Sleeping. I totally take on board what some other guy says about not just typing in the lyrics to songs, but these are too funny. It's a noisy, good humoured racket, 'though not very pc.

I wouldn't kiss Liam O'Maonlai,Guns & Roses or Muddy Waters.
I wouldn't kiss Brian WilsonOr his lovely yankee daughters.
And Shane McGowan is not my type Because his teeth are green and mangled
But Jesus Christ Almighty, I'd love to kiss the Bangles.

from Wake Up Sleeping EP, available on CD

Balada Conducatorolui  performed by Taraf de Ha´douks  199?
Recommended by nrnono [profile]

Romanian gypsy music at its best:
- fast rhythm and chord progressions that make you listen in anticipation
- singer's voice (singing in Romanian/Gypsy?) rough sincerity reminds me of an old black delta bluesman
- the coolest violin riff ever.

from Taraf de Ha´douks (Elektra/Asylum)

Haunted  performed by Shane MacGowan and Sinead O’Connor  199?
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

A rock-y love song. Shane in good voice - maybe the last time he has been in such good voice, I dunno. The voices go together brilliantly.

Its a nice contrast with 'Fairytale of New York'. Sample lyric 'you were so cool you could have put out Vietnam'

It was originally recorded with original Pogues bass player Cait O'Riordan (forgive the spelling - I'm crap at Irish names) which I heard at the time but not since - it was on the soundtrack to Sid and Nancy

from Not on an album

  03 Mar 05 ·tonyharte: How right you are Matt - tis a mighty fine nugget from 10 years ago. Should've been top 5 - instead of the lower reaches of the chart (if anybody cares these days). The voice of an angel meets devilish genius in a smokey tap room near Wardour St. Sunlight and pathos in equal measures.
  03 Mar 05 ·mattypenny: Many Thanks for the comment Tony. I dunno how many people would feel the same way, but I really love some of the songs that Sinead O'Connor has been involved with, although I'm not as keen on all of her own stuff. The collaborations I've paticularly enjoyed: Marxman - Ship Ahoy Damien dempsey - Negative Vibes Something by Jah Wobble I forget the name of Terry Hall and Sinead - All Kinds of Everything I'll type some of these up as recommendations when I get the chance
Smells Like Teen Spirit  performed by Nirvana  199?
Recommended by NIRVANA [profile]

Of course this is Nirvana's biggest hit and probably bugging everyone because all the time you see Nirvana you see Smells Like Teen Spirit hand in hand. I dont dont blame Cobain- playing the song all the time can get to you...
Any way the song title has nothing to do with teen pride-it's really a girl's deodorant, bet hey, that's what you would expect from the band anyway

from Nevermind

  07 Apr 05 ·rum: There should be a rule against bands recommending their own songs. The ever devious Signor Morricone did at least submit his own tracks under a variety of cunning guises.
  07 Apr 05 ·konsu: Hey! Maybe they need some free promo... besides, I think these guys are gonna make some money someday, then musicaltaste will get a peice of the action!! sweet...
  08 Apr 05 ·olli: Never heard of them. but this sounds like a rip off of The Offspring's "Self Esteem" to me:)
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