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Late Again  performed by Judie Tzuke  1982
Recommended by Mike [profile]

A beautifully clear female voice emerges out of a rich synth backing of subtle harmonies provided by Bob Noble. Judie Tzuke (best-known for "Stay with me till dawn" of 1979 which was a minor UK hit) recorded a number of excellent tracks over the years. A reviewer on Amazon describes her as the "fifth biggest selling British female singer between 1980 and 1985", but I'd almost forgotten about her until I stumbled across one of her albums on CD in a shop the other day, prompting a return to some of my LPs and tapes.
This particular track has long been a favourite of mine for its emotional depth, but for whatever reason it's been a long time since I heard it. It would have helped had I been able to buy it on CD - unfortunately it doesn't appear to be available on any current disc.

from Shoot the moon (Chrysalis)

End Peace  performed by Camel  1982
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Richly melodic, attractively textured instrumental track at the end of an otherwise rather unassuming album. Nice chords. Nice synthesizer and guitar work. Co-written with the original guitarist of Genesis, Anthony Philips.

from The Single Factor (Decca)

Subdivisions  performed by Rush  1982
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Heavy rock with synths - an effective combination as heard here. The famous Candadian heavy rock band of dubious politics here come up with a really gloomily atmospheric number. OK, I won't pretend it's great, but it has a certain something. And I love the chord textures generated on their synths, providing a backbone for the number.

from Signals, available on CD (Mercury)

Urban Foxes  performed by Search Party  1982
Recommended by Mike [profile]

Great piece of early 80s electronica produced by Tony Mansfield of New Musik and featuring the innovative and distinctive synthesizer-filled textures and chord sequences typical of his work. If anyone hears that it's available on CD, please let me know!

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