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Kojak Theme  performed by "The Pop Singers & Orchestra"  197?
Recommended by konsu [profile]

One of the better records of this ilk, surely for this one, which is hard to find and is such a typically great theme. Kojak, of course, was the blowpop sucking detective played by Telly Savalas. And like the "Rockford Files", "Baretta", and "S.W.A.T.", deserves it's place in the not-so-rare groove DJ file. With the obligatory Moog sound leading the melody, it becomes instantly recognizable (and dateable). Whoever the cats are on this session are cutting some decent shit for sure. They also turn out a surprisingly funky version of the M.A.S.H. theme, as well as the three aforementioned. The crazy Peter Pan cover art is there, with cute stuff like poorly drawn representations of Alan Alda looking at a martini glass, and Gabe Kaplan's finger being bit by Baretta's Cockatoo!!

Does anyone know the composer?

from Themes From Hit TV Shows (Peter Pan 8185)

In the Evening  performed by Led Zeppelin  197?
Recommended by NIRVANA [profile]

This song's surely a familiar tune to many

from Latter Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin

  28 Mar 05 ·NIRVANA: best I mean
  28 Mar 05 ·Mike: Led Zep with synths - whatever next?! Actually it is pretty good, I agree...
Jet Society  performed by Cordara Orchestra  197?
Recommended by nighteye [profile]

The mother of all 'Jet Society' themed songs. Play this at your penthouse-apartment cocktail party and you'll most likely score a free layover with one of the air stewardesses. The choice of a lone laidback trumpet over piano chords is excellent. Mix in a soft percussion beat and you're all set. Come to think of it, phone up your friends and invite them over for cocktails in the grotto.

available on CD - Café Noir - Cocktail & Lounge Vol 1

  24 May 05 ·eftimihn: Amazing track, excellent choice. The title resembles the mood perfectly.
Mu Chin Ne Tsai He Fang [Mother where have you gone]  performed by Koo Mei [Carrie Koo]  197?
Recommended by Opium_addict [profile]

Both The instrumentation and the vocals are very soothing,elegant,smooth and pure, One of the best songs I've ever heard. EVER

from The Classic Years: Koo Mei, available on CD

Etude in the form of Rhythm & Blues  performed by Paul Mauriat  197?
Recommended by konsu [profile]

Usually I'm bored to tears with Mr. Muriat's over the top orchestral take on stuff... but this track is a total exception. Starts out with this reeling Beethovenesque orchestral intro, and then lays flat into this funky latin workout, almost in a Deodato meets Zarathustra way. Really nuts. Just a great dancefloor track for loungecore types.

from El Condor Pasa (Philips PHS 600-352)

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