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Touching You  performed by Astrud Gilberto  1972
Recommended by konsu [profile]

Oh, my... I know that she gets played to death, and has her lion's share of recommendations on these pages, but I have to mention this one.

For an artist considered sexy in any context this really takes it high. The track just makes you wanna light the candles, pour the cava, burn the buddah, and get freaky-sticky all over the couch! I mean come on! A total love down... Reminds me of the best stuff from the Moments/Sylvia Robinson camp... Smooth smooth soul. And with one of the most sultry voices in recorded history, it's just insane.

from Now (Perception PLP 29)

  19 Nov 04 ·scrubbles: Wow ... Astrud got a little fun-KAY there. I didn't know she recorded anything like this. Gotta check out that album!
first thing  performed by joop scholten  1972
Recommended by voshege [profile]

very first Dutch latin funk song on great latin album with haunting melodies...recorded in november 1972

from guitar man

  10 Dec 04 ·n-jeff: Yeah, theres an amazing Dutch latin thing going on, isn't there? It was amazingly cheeky of Soul Jazz to put "Jungle Fever" on the "Barrio Nuevo" compilation, implying it came out of New York. Have to keep a lookout for Joop Scholten, then.
Waiting for the Moving Van  performed by David Ackles  1972
Recommended by I, Claudius [profile]

An underrated '70s singer-songwriter, Ackles was a weird hybrid of Scott Walker and Brecht-Weill. He had a macabre, darkly humorous streak, but he could be almost embarrassingly sentimental at times; this is one of those times. It's a delicately orchestrated ballad about a guy whose family left him because he didn't have time for them. Comes from his best album, 'American Gothic.'

from American Gothic, available on CD (Collector's Choice)

What Color Is Love  performed by Terry Callier  1972
Recommended by konsu [profile]

I know the buzz is burned on his return but I still need to give this song props. The first time I heard this album was indesribable. It sort of places you in a zone where so many sounds you love coexist in poingant harmony. This one, the title track, is a mix of torchy iceman elegance, and rootsy baroque impressionisim. And the mix of talents is undeniable. Charles Stepney and his incredible group of session men, and one, singular, unique songwriting talent. Done at a time when they could do no wrong...

It goes in and out of print, so snap it up if you can.

from What Color Is Love (Cadet MSM 37190)

Takin’ So Long  performed by Alzo  1972
Recommended by mariacuccia [profile]

This album was long overdue on its release. It was recorded by Alzo in 1972 while signed to Bell Records. The album was recently released in Japan Arista/BMG. Produced by Bob Dorough, (Multiplication Rock) the music possesses a jazzy folk feel with a great deal of brazilian soul. Alzo's story is just as impressive as his music....

from Takin' So Long, available on CD (Arista/BMG Japan)

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