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12 tracks from 1969 have been recommended by tinks.
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Fim de Semana em Guaruja  performed by Os Tres Brasilieiros  1969
Recommended by tinks [profile]

A lovely, gentle samba with wordless three-part mixed harmonies, gently swinging organ and subtle percussion.

from Brazil: LXIX (Capitol ST-301)

  19 Jan 04 ·delicado: I still don't have this album (and it just sold for a whopping $79 on ebay!) but from the picture on the back cover, I'd say this is definitely the same group as Os 3 Morais.
  20 Jan 04 ·tinks: 79 bucks! i paid a quarter! i listened to the clip on your morais recommendation, and it definitely sounds like the same people. mystery solved!
Torpedo  performed by Novi Singers  1969
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Some incredible vocalese from Poland, of all places.

from Vocal Jazz From Poland 1965 to 1975, available on CD (JCR/Compost (Germany))

  19 Apr 01 ·delicado: yeah, great track! I highly recommend the Polski Nagrania CD of the albums 'Bossa Nova' and Torpedo' - incredible stuff...
  05 Sep 02 ·Liv: Compost records (of Jazzanova fame) have also reissued an compilation album with the Novi singers' best tracks..well worth checking out in all their glory.. Especially the contrast between the male/female voices is fresh &innovative sounding..
Black Talk  performed by Charles Earland  1969
Recommended by tinks [profile]

An AMAZING rearrangement of "Eleanor Rigby". Earland kills on organ, and he's backed up by the incredible Melvin Sparks on guitar and Houston Person on tenor sax. An absolute classic of Hammond jazz.

from Black Talk!, available on CD (Original Jazz Classics)

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child  performed by Little Jimmy Scott  1969
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Stunning version of this old standard. Jimmy Scott's voice is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful things in the world. I've never heard anybody else who could channel so much pain into a song. Regardless of your feelings toward David Lynch, you have to respect him for rescuing Scott's career from obscurity.

from The Source, available on CD (Label M.)

  24 Jul 01 ·delicado: yeah, I picked up the European reissue of this album recently, and have to agree with you on its power. I first came across Scott on the 'fire, walk with me' soundtrack, and for many years, 'Jimmy Scott' was just that strange voice. I only figured out the gender quite recently.
Andy's Chest  performed by the Velvet Underground  1969
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Great song with really strange lyrics on par with Love's "The Red Telephone": "Her belly button was her mouth/and she tasted what she'd speak/but the funny thing is what happened to her nose/it grew until it reached all of her toes/now when people say her feet smell they mean her nose." Another version was recorded by Lou Reed on his "Transformer" LP a few years later.

from VU, available on CD (Verve)

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