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4 tracks performed by elvis presley have been recommended.
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King Creole  performed by Elvis Presley
Recommended by aayers [profile]

  08 Jan 02 ·phil: Now THIS song rules - Elvis' best? The guitar solo is virtually out of this world.
if i can dream  performed by elvis presley  1968
Recommended by gaymod [profile]

being a recent vistor to this wonderous site, i am slightly shocked by the lack of E.P. This song is the finale of the 68 comeback special, and proves that this white boy can rip the shit out of any ' niggar' gospel singer. This is Presley's greatest vocal performance

reconsider baby  performed by Elvis Presley  1959
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

This is one of my favourite Elvis songs. Its very blue-sy but not at all downbeat. Its got the swagger that he has on his late '50s - early '60s records.

from Reconsider Baby, available on CD (RCA)

Edge of Reality  performed by Elvis Presley  1968
Recommended by scrubbles [profile]

A quasi-psychedelic throwaway from one of Elvis' later, cheesier movies. This song in particular gets a bad rap because it's presented in an ultra-campy dream sequence with groovy go-go dancers writhing and a man pouncing about in a dog costume. But I'm addicted to the song itself, which has a gorgeous arrangement with harpsichords, punchy trumpets and pillow-soft backup vocals by The Love Generation (who also sang on The Partridge Family's hits). And Elvis' vocal performance is more gutsy than you would imagine at this stage in his career. Worth seeking out!

from Live A Little, Love A Little (RCA)
available on CD - Command Performances - The Essential 60's Masters 2 (RCA)

  27 May 04 ·n-jeff: Funnily enough for a long time this was the only song I could remember from the film, which we have on vid. It was only after we got the "Oceans 11" OST that I realised "A little less conversation" was from a later party scene. So at this stage of his career, Elvis was actually making some pretty groovy music. And I love the cheesy dream sequence, too.

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