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Dolphins  performed by Tim Buckley  1968
Recommended by DecemberGuy [profile]

Live cover of a Tim Hardin..I think Beth Orton & Billy Bragg have covered it as well. What can I say..the vocal on this is mindblowing. I'd heard Tim Buckley's son Jeff Buckley before..and you can tell that he learned a lot from his old man..this song has been floating through my head now for a couple of some kind of wierd somnambulent dream..awesome

from Dream Letter:Live in London 1968 (Enigma 73507), available on CD (Get Back)

Sweet Surrender  performed by Tim Buckley
Recommended by Maximum_Bygraves [profile]

At odds with his two fold reputation as a folk-baroque balladeer and avant garde explorer Buckley turns in a tortured ballad worthy of the Reverend Al Green. Imagine a libidinously charged Astral Weeks and you're part way there.

from Greetings from LA

Phantasmagoria In Two  performed by Tim Buckley  1967
Recommended by mcinto_i [profile]

After years of thinking (quite selfishly) how tragic it was that Jeff Buckley only gave us two beautiful albums plus a few bits and pieces, I started to think that even though his old man died young as well, he released 9 albums and that there was almost certainly an untapped resource just asking for the tapping. I've only got a couple so far (Goodbye and Hello, and Greetings from LA) but the similarities with Jeff are amazing. They both have this sort of (and I'm sure I'm not the first to use this term in reference to the Buckleys) 'sad beauty' about the melody and changes which just never fails to give me a lift. This song is a prime example of that.

from Goodbye and Hello

  17 May 04 ·4givemyNglish: From Tim Buckley, i only knew the covers made by This Mortal Coil on their 3 LPs. I recently listened to the original versions of songs like Song to the Siren or I must Be Blind. Buckley had simply an awesome voice and that song you recommend is just beautiful.
Starsailor  performed by Tim Buckley  1970
Recommended by schlick [profile]

A truly out-of-this-world multitracked vocal tour-de-force.

from Starsailor, available on CD (Bizarre/Straight)

Song to the Siren  performed by Tim Buckley
Recommended by stoneworks [profile]

My favorite love song, or at least in the top five. I first got hooked on the version by This Mortal Coil sung by Elizabeth Frazer, and I really couldn't choose absolutely between the two. I listed Tim Buckley because he is the originator (though it was actually written by his one-time musical partner Larry Beckett). It's also now got a specially deep meaning for me because my wife and I walked down the aisle to it.

  01 Dec 07 ·MoeShinola: You know, Damon And Naomi's live double-disc is called Songs To The Siren. It's quite beautiful.
  22 Jul 08 ·prufrock68: Wow, that's very interesting that you chose that Buckley song to accompany your wedding ceremony, since I've always associated it with a love that cannot be possessed, a helpless's a beautiful song, but very mournful to my ears.

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