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I Write The Songs  performed by David Cassidy  1975
Recommended by Flippet [profile]

This exquisite recording of this well known song was actually given to David Cassidy by the composer, Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys. David's version is an extremely sensitive take on the song and far less commercial than Barry Manilow's; the latter version being recorded after he heard Cassidy's! David also has the distinction of being the first artist to have a hit with the song. His recording was huge all over Europe before Barry Manilow heard it, recorded it and took it to the top in the USA.

from The Higher They Climb The Harder They Fall (RCA)
available on CD - When I'm A Rock'n Roll Star (Rhino Records)

Get It Up For Love  performed by David Cassidy  1975
Recommended by Flippet [profile]

Cassidy recorded this track as part of a suite of songs for his new record label in 1975. Attempting to redefine his image from teen idol to serious artist, this song was David's first new single. It is a perfect example of the west coast R&B sound popular at the time. A brilliant recording, the song was banned from radio airplay by the BBC as the title was too shocking. More likely was the fact that no-one understood who this "new" David Cassidy was. The banning of the song was solved by flipping the b-side to the a-side with the result that Cassidy's version of "I Write The Songs" became a huge hit for him internationally and later inspired the less sensitive and more commercial rendition of the song produced by Barry Manilow. David Cassidy at his best!

from The Higher They Climb The Harder They Fall (RCA), available on CD (BMG International)

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