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Only For You  performed by The Match  1969
Recommended by laughingmood [profile]

I love the "New Light" album by the Match. Such a perfect example of soft pop. I think these guys, along with The Small Circle Of Friends and The Free Design, are the perfect example of what harmonic soft pop sounds like. This track, with that great trumpet line, is just one of 14 classics on this album. I had heard some label in Korea was supposed to be re-issuing it but that was a long time ago.

from A New Light (RCA)

Te Ofrezco Mi Coraz´┐Żn (Make It With You)  performed by Roberto Jordan  1971
Recommended by RCA76 [profile]

This is a very cool, sultry and funky Spanish version of Bread's "Make It With You". Of course the vocals are definately not par to the original, but I like it. This guy has like a million other translated 60's and 70 rockabilly tunes; La Chica De Los Ojos Caf´┐Ż (Brown Eyed Girl), Uno, Dos Y Tres ´┐ŻDetent´┐Ż! (1, 2, 3, Red Light), Rosa Marchita (Cracklin' Rose), Juntos Felices (Happy Together), Ven A Darme Amor (Come And Get Your Love), Estos Ojos (These Eyes). Check 'em out!

from Rosa Marchita (RCA)
available on CD - Lo Mejor De Lo Mejor De RCA Victor (RCA Victor)

Sunshower  performed by Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band  1976
Recommended by ambassador [profile]

This one fits well with with my previous reccomendation in the melancholy/eerie vein. I read somewhere that the song was in the African JuJu style, but discofied of course given its 1976 production. It was this song that proved to be the Dr. Buzzard . . . was not your average disco band. Cory Daye's vocals are beautiful and harken back to an earlier era of classic jazz vocals, like Ella and Billie. The children's backup vocals are what gives it the spooky quality, probably because the intrumentation is dark, like seeing those cute (but scary) kids come out of the corn fields in Children of the Corn. The last chorus just sends chills down my spine as Cory digs into the lyrics and dances around them as the everything sort or brightens up, like the sun coming out after a summer rain. This makes the title all make such perfect sense.

from Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band (RCA 1504-2-R), available on CD

  28 Apr 06 ·Festy: You know what makes the last chorus for me (or choruses from after the kids singing only accompanied by percussion)... as simple as it may sound... it's the handclaps. They add so much and I always look forward to them coming along. I became obsessed with this song about 6 months ago and bought the CD, which, as I expected, doesn't contain so many fantastic songs on it, but, still an enjoyable CD. I really enjoy your recommendations!
Tell me why  performed by Nick Heyward
Recommended by moondog [profile]

Aaah, the eighties. Everyone´s got their memories, i do and you do too. One who soundtracked my youth was haircut one hundreds singer/songwriter Nick Heyward who went onto a not as succesful solocareer but who yielded many pearls of popsongs for those who cared to look. Tell me why from 88s "I love you avenue" has to be my favorite nick track since it encapsules all his qualties best. Regret, melancholia and longing for the mrs and a piano midtempo verse that leads up to a killer chorus. Avalaible in a bargain bin near you.

from I love you avenue (rca)

bad times  performed by the mingles  1970
Recommended by davidk322 [profile]

unreleased master on RCA Canada. would have been this beatle type bands equal to "she loves you"

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