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Torpedo  performed by Novi Singers  1969
Recommended by tinks [profile]

Some incredible vocalese from Poland, of all places.

from Vocal Jazz From Poland 1965 to 1975, available on CD (JCR/Compost (Germany))

  19 Apr 01 ·delicado: yeah, great track! I highly recommend the Polski Nagrania CD of the albums 'Bossa Nova' and Torpedo' - incredible stuff...
  05 Sep 02 ·Liv: Compost records (of Jazzanova fame) have also reissued an compilation album with the Novi singers' best tracks..well worth checking out in all their glory.. Especially the contrast between the male/female voices is fresh &innovative sounding..
Nie Zadziera Nosa  performed by Czerwone Gitary  1966
Recommended by Aquatown [profile]

Rummaging through used music stores had been a long time hobby. You never know what you'll stumble across. I picked up this Czerwone Gitary 25 track CD in Winnipeg for just 2 Canadian dollars. It's a little spotty in parts (especially in the 70s recordings) but it has plenty of fine beat group sounds from the 60s as well. This track finds them sounding most Liverpudlian with plenty of "sha-la-la"s thrown in for good measure.

available on CD - The Best Of Czerwone Gitary (Polskie Nagrania)

  16 Jan 03 ·Malgorzata: What you can know about Poland, huh? About Polish music, movies, traditions? I'm from Poland, I was born there and I'm proud. So, I think tahat maybe you should check what you are putting on website.
  03 Oct 06 ·Monapp: Gośka ale on nie napisał nic specjalnie obrażającego.
Pushing The Car  performed by Krzysztof Komeda  1966
Recommended by bobbyspacetroup [profile]

The main theme of Cul-De-Sac. Komeda's off-kilter jazz sensibility was really perfectly suited to Polanski's absurdist comedy. Like many of the best film scores, it seems absolutely essential to the film. If you like Komeda's style, this track really delivers.

from Cul-De-Sac
available on CD - The Complete Recordings Of Krzysztof Komeda, Vol. 13 (Polonia)

Main title - Vampire Killers  performed by Krzysztof Komeda  1967
Recommended by robert[o] [profile]

The perfect theme to Roman Polanski's underrated comic horror film, The Fearless Vampire Killers. With stacked vocal harmonies, suggesting the background singers at some sort of Bulgarian black mass, floating on bat wings over a very jazzy rhythm section, this song is, at once, very creepy and very funny. I have long believed that Siouxsie and The Banshees came into existence entirely due this influence of this track. (Play it back to back with "Switch" or "Israel" or "Cascade" sometime, and you'll see what I mean.) Stereolab likewise. Broadcast or Goldfrapp could do a brilliant cover of it.

from Complete Recordings Of Krzysztof Komeda Vol 19, available on CD (Polonia Records)

Pogoń  performed by Michał Lorenc  1997
Recommended by insomnia [profile]

This is a song form the "Bandyta"(1997) soundrack composed by Polish film music genious- Michał Lorenc. "Bandyta" is directed by Maciej Dejczer and the main hero is performed by Til Schweiger (German famous actor).
The album contain the sounds of Rumunian,Polish and other cultures music.There are mysthical,nostalgy, sensitive choirs and dynamic,edge,professional strings.I can talk ans talk about that but only listening to it can show you the beauty of it.If you listen to it once you'll fall in love to it forever!!!!

P.S.I'm sorry for my English.Best wishes! :-)

from Bandyta, available on CD

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