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Jaane Jaa Dhundtah Phirrahan  performed by Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhons
Recommended by trebole [profile]

How can a Bollywood song from the sixties be soooooo groovy?

  14 Nov 04 ·olli: heh..thanks. iv'e had this song in my collection for a long time, and only listened to it just now because of your recommendation. love the swirly flute-like thing at 1:32 and the crazy shit going on around 2:58. (what is that, anyway? sounds they've spilled water into their organ or something) i think the details in this song makes it cooler than it ought to be. too bad most bollywood songs seem to go on for far too long.
  16 Nov 04 ·trebole: Hey olli, thanks for your your comment. When I read it, I remembered I had a song somewhere with that same swirly flute you liked so much used massively...And I found it! It's in a compilation called Bollywood Breaks with funky, instrumental versions from Bollywood films remastered with a modern twist. The song is called "cosmic flute" and you can download it for free here: Thanks again
  16 Nov 04 ·olli: exellent! thanks a bunch! love the disco vibes on cosmic flute.
C.A.T cat mane billi  performed by kishore kumar  195x
Recommended by olli [profile]

50's bollywood song with sort of a tin pan alley vibe.
Kind of intense, really swingin'. Dig the sassy-sounding deliveries beween Kumar and his female vocal partner, and the typically bollywood insane-yet-non-obtrusive bridges.

cat mane MIAOW!

i really want to mix this with "trick me" by kelis.

available on CD - the prodigy

Amantran  performed by Soul Yatra  2005
Recommended by jazzgoa [profile]

Soul Yatra-the band that tours worldwide for Henessey, has recorded an album titled 'live on tour'.
Download mp3 tracks from the album at:

from Live on tour (Raga to Rock records 2354)

Compared to what  performed by Cross Connection  2005
Recommended by jazzgoa [profile]

vocal jazz/funk/soul

The Mahabharata Original Soundtrack  performed by Svetasvatara Upanisad  1990
Recommended by flange1515 [profile]

Sarmila Roy the end song from the play not really indian a western take...

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