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Tres Cosas  performed by juana molina  2002
Recommended by fiftyfootgirl [profile]

This is an absolutely magical song! Juana Molina is a singer/songwriter from Argentina. I first heard her on KCRW (Santa Monica radio station) when I was living in Los Angeles. Her music is totally captivating; it's melodic, ethereal, quirky, whimsical, a little melancholy sometimes, very very sweet. She often uses acoustic instruments (guitar, piano), but what makes her music unique is her use of electronic elements. It often sounds like she is recording in the middle of the rainforest. Tres Cosas, from the album of the same name, is a very up-beat, sparkly little song. Her live performances are archived on the KCRW website: (do a search for Juana Molina in the "Find it!" feature), and you can purchase her music at:
Gourmet Musical

from Tres Cosas, available on CD

Whack Whack  performed by Mariano & The Unbelievables  1968
Recommended by konsu [profile]

Wow! I have been consuming a lot of baroque pop and jazz recordings lately, and while some of them are just nice, this one is astounding! Just imagine Bach-boogaloo, and you have most of the picture here. This piece sounds as fresh today as it did in the 60's! The arrangement is wild as all hell, and has to be heard to be believed. They also do great versions of "Sunshine Superman" & "Up, Up and Away"!

from Mariano & The Unbelievables (Capitol ST 2831)

  08 Nov 04 ·delicado: This does indeed sound fantastic. The harpsichord break in the middle of your clip sounds very like Hugo Montenegro's 'Lady in Cement' theme. I understand they had other albums; have you heard them? Are there any vocals? Thanks!
  08 Nov 04 ·konsu: Yes. They did another for Capitol the same year called "The 13th Hour". Haven't gotten around to picking it up yet, but from what I can gather it's the same affair, no vocals I'm afraid... Hugo's stuff is great for funky harpsichord cuts, I love that soundtrack!!
  08 Nov 04 ·konsu: Sorry delicado, it's "The 25th Hour". I had it mixed up with another album, and another increment of time it seems...
solo su voz  performed by Juana Molina
Recommended by dani54 [profile]

I love this song, the lyrics are really beautifull and the sounds are very unique. very nice song

She Paints  performed by MadreOceano  2004
Recommended by esteban [profile]

Personnal Lyrics. Acoustic Guitars and chelo.
intimate sound.

from Eleven Songs Written and Recorded on the bathtub (selfrealeased)
available on CD - Eleven Songs written and Recorded on the Bathtub (selfrealased /only mail order)

In us both  performed by madreoceano  2004
Recommended by gomez [profile]

Small song. Written by E.G. from Madreoceano, very personal lyrics. Just electric guitar, voice & crystal glasses. It feels like a soundtrack of an indie.

from " Eleven songs written & recorded on the bathtub" (selfrealesed on the net)
available on CD - (by mail)

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