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4 tracks composed by Konishi Yasuharu have been recommended.
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Pizzicato Five X (remix by Pandart Sashoona)  performed by Pizzicato Five  2000
Recommended by opl3003 [profile]

This is an almost 12 minute remix of tons of different Pizzicato Five songs by the Tokyo DJ duo Pandart Sashoona. It's quite amazing and very danceable. If you're never heard Pizzicato Five, it can be a bit overwhelming, but it's a good start! Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed!

from Decemebr 24th (single) (******** records, tokyo COCA-50429)
available on CD - December 24th (******** records, tokyo)

The International Pizzicato Five Mansion  performed by Pizzicato Five  1998
Recommended by MMMp [profile]

This song would be better recognized as the instrumental version of "A New Song," available on the LP and cd, where a synthesizer has been added in place of vocals giving the song a whole new sound that is an entirely different type of sophistication.

from Playboy & Playgirl LP (Matador ole 333-1)

  04 Mar 02 ·MMMp: this clip here is from the CD and is the guided tour of Pizzicato FIve "HQ," not the track I'm recommending. Still very cool, though!
  04 Mar 02 ·MMMp: Well, this is the part of the track that uses the track I am recommending. Only on vinyl there is no voice over (but his voice is cool, isn't it?)
Triste  performed by Pizzicato Five  1995
Recommended by johannp [profile]

This song has a simple but effective instrumentation; piano, drums and bass for the most part, and brass here and there. It manages to be catchy and interesting because of the melody and chords in my opinion. It's hard to point at something specific, yet the song in its entirety just has a certain, very definitive appeal, especially the ending where it almost has an improvised feel.

This song is from what one could think of as the 'middle period' of Pizzicato Five; they had acquired Maki Nomiya as a singer, and not yet ventured into the experimental things they did in the late 90's. Another, shorter version of it is on "Big Hits & Jet Lags '94-'97'", and that's about the only difference between the two.

from Romantique '96, available on CD

I  performed by Pizzicato Five  1993
Recommended by Jackamaku [profile]

from Instant Replay
available on CD - Made in USA

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