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4 tracks composed by Donovan Leitch have been recommended.
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Season Of The Witch  performed by Enoch Light and The Light Brigade  1973
Recommended by m.ace [profile]

An alternately stalking and storming rendition of the Donovan tune, featuring Vinnie Bell on electric sitar and tabla flavorings from Ed Shaugnessy (!). Jazz/funk firepower minus the fusion wank.

from Brass Menagerie 1973 (Project 3)

Season of the Witch  performed by Lou Rawls  1968
Recommended by tinks [profile]

David Axelrod leads ol' Lou through a pent-up take on the Donovan classic. Starts out slow, building momentum as it draws to a fantastic close.

from the single Season of the Witch (Capitol)
available on CD - Classic Soul (Magnum Midprice)

  14 Apr 05 ·Goes Up To 11: And definitely don't miss the 1968 cover of "Season of the Witch" by Vanilla Fudge -- an absolute triumph of excessive bombast! The phrase "over the top" barely begins to capture that performance. It will leave you shaking your head in amazement at the sheer audacity and monumental bad taste, but it is so much fun!
  07 Dec 05 ·Swinging London: Lou Rawls never really cut it for me. Sounds like '60's soul for housewives. His voice sounds strained a lot of the time.
Atlantis  performed by Donovan  1969
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

I feel like very few people fully appreciate the music of Donovan, which is a shame because he may be the greatest musician of the psychedelic era in the 60's. Atlantis is his best song. A sort of whimsical and beautiful song which tells the story of the lost continent. Probably the best psychedelic song there is. It lacks the self-indulgent meandering that plagued the Grateful Dead, and lacks the obvious drug references of most psychedelic music. It's not overly rock and roll, but not overly folk either. A brilliant song with a very strong, beautiful melody.

from Barabajagal (Epic)

wear your love like heaven  performed by donovan  1967
Recommended by notyet [profile]

from gift from a flower to a garden

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