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Kim  performed by Bertrand Burgalat  2000
Recommended by dedismo [profile]

style: pop, downbeat. Smooth, easy, just the right amound of bossa, drums, synthesizers. Kim is just a great song all around and only 7 some minutes long. But you don't ever want it to end. Keeps your head nodding. Burgalat is the master of instrumentation as much as Sean O'Hagen is to the High Llamas. He can produce a mellow, warm, lush sound like no one else at the moment.

from The Genius of... (Bungalow bung 079)

  18 Jun 01 ·tempted: Ah, mon dieu! I hate comparisons in general but I must say to everyone who's just bought 10 000 Hz legend by Air: get rid of it and get hold of The Sssound of Mmmusic by Bertrand Burgalat instead. He's special.
  18 Jun 01 ·delicado: yeah, I must pick it up. I have 'the genius of' and I love most of it.
  26 Jul 04 ·autopilot: One of the best things that Burgalat has ever created, and considering his incredible body of work as producer/performer, is no mean feat! It's this tune that turned me on to the whole Tricatel sound that he singularly seems to be the master of.
Difficult Listening  performed by Bertrand Burgalat  1997
Recommended by bobbyspacetroup [profile]

A short and sweet orchestral piece featuring harpsichord and some sort of mallet instrument (is that just a vibraphone???). It has sort of a subdued Burt Bacharach sound especially in the harpsichord. I'm noticing that many of my recommendations feature harpsichord... Strange.

available on CD - Quadrille OST (Tricatel)

Vision of Love  performed by Bertrand Burgalat  200?
Recommended by nathanx [profile]

French DJ's cover of Mariah Carey's song with 60's flare. It is to cry! Burgalat is so classy.
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