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Amelia  performed by Joni Mitchell  1976
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

Joni Joni Joni. Great poetess of the north! A wonderful merging of folk & jazz here. Some of the most beautiful poetry by this already prolific artist. Also a standout on this record is the bass playing of Mr. Jaco Pastorius. From the poet who said "we are stardust,we are golden,we are billion year old carbon,and we've come to find our way back to the garden. Joni Mitchell "Woodstock"

from Hejira, available on CD (Elektra / Asylum)

  13 May 04 ·joe o: i was going to recommend this one. It really is beautiful.
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)  performed by Kenny Rodgers & The First Edition  1969
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

Great early psychedelic rock track by Kenny Rodgers.

  31 May 04 ·olli: hell yeah. it was the first sign that the big lebowski was going to be a great film.
Nao Tem Nada Nao  performed by Marcos Valle  1973
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

WOW! 3 fat composers ( Marcos Valle, Joao Donato & Deodato) join forces for one groovy track. Awesome keyboard work from Bertrami of Azymuth. Mesmerizing,sexy and funky.

from Previsao Do Tempo, available on CD (Odeon)

  30 Jul 04 ·n-jeff: Very pleased to say I saw Marcos Valle perform this last night. Thats a great set of names to drop "Heres a song I wrote with Eumir Deodato and Jao Donato". Very cool. And a very good song, he handled the keys himself live.
And thanks to everyone whos namedropped Valle on musical taste, as I otherwise would have missed out on a great gig!

  15 Jul 06 ·ambassador: this track was a reworking of Donato's tune "Batuque" from his album with Deodato, called "Joao Donato" or Donato/Deodato on the original LP. Basically, Marcos Valle liked the song and decided to add lyrics. Funnily, the way that Donato/Deodato was recorded each of these famous composers added their parts seperately starting with Donato's keyboards, then Deodato's arrangement and then marcos took that and reworked it with lyrics and azimuth as his backup band. one of my all-time favorite tracks.
Yo Tengo Un Novio Que Me lleva La Bahia Que Me Dice Mia Mia Que  performed by Belle & Sebastian  1999
Recommended by pleasepleaseme [profile]

Any Belle & Sebastian fans out there who can verify if this track is by them? It's so very different from what they normally do!

  11 Oct 04 ·tasneem82: i have been trying to figure this track out for a couple of years now. it's not on any of their albums, i don't think, but wherever you try to download it from lists it as a b&s song. ???
  11 Oct 04 ·pleasepleaseme: Even more brillant if it is them!
  16 Oct 04 ·nerdo: This song does not appear to be by Belle & Sebastian. It is by a group called Los Ninos and it is called Toma Que Toma. Check out this link for more

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