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Creep  performed by Radiohead
Recommended by mattycobby [profile]

Just a great song. Musically it builds beautifully to the finale. A little depressing, but still, real life.

from Pablo Honey

  30 Dec 06 ·texjernigan: To bad its melody was copied off of the Hollies - The Air that I breathe. That'd be a good lawsuit
  11 Jun 08 ·brooksyinc: One of the only songs I'm aware of which identify with possibly millions of people
1000 Times  performed by Tahiti 80  2002
Recommended by eftimihn [profile]

A perfect piece of contemporary pop music: uplifting and sunshiny, yet with the right dose of melancholia. The production is excellent, as well as the instrumentation with a very driving rhythm section, warm electric piano, guitars and horns. What makes this really stand out is the terrific string arrangement by Richard Hewson (A protegee of George Martin and quite busy arranging during the 70s) which is very floating, sweeping and lush.

from Wallpaper For The Soul, available on CD (Minty Fresh)

  31 Dec 06 ·texjernigan: Ooh yeah
Walk don’t Run  performed by The Ventures  1960
Recommended by texjernigan [profile]

When I was in second grade, my dad lent me this tape, and I remember listening to it on a sony walkman while riding on a bus to go to Arbuckle Wilderness in Oklahoma. The kid sitting next to me kept making fun of me for listening to it because he had Nirvana's Nevermind on CD, and I was listening to the Ventures. I was pretty embarrassed and jealous.

  01 Jan 07 ·sungoddess: Amazing the things children remember... noticed you still like the Ventures, and you're cool for that. Good that you sticked to your guns....
  02 Jan 07 ·texjernigan: damn right!
Discovery  performed by Brian Bennett  1978
Recommended by nighteye [profile]

One of former drummer Brian Bennett's best tracks. Mellow space funk with synthesizers, a deep bassline and weird sounds. Almost gives the feeling of floating around in space.

available on CD - The cream of the Chappell Music Library Sessions (Chappell)

  06 Jan 07 ·texjernigan: Lovage sampled this track for their opener, "ladies love chest rockwell." Anybody know if there's a site that shows all the original samples for stuff like this, rap and what not?
ma quale idea  performed by pino d´angie  1983
Recommended by moondog [profile]

Italian disco-rap-pop from the early eighties that instantantly puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Anybody know more of mr pino or of tracks in the same genre ?

available on CD - back to mine - röyksoup

  21 Jun 07 ·texjernigan: I don't know, but it shure is hip right now: check out ed banger records, specifically Justice's D.A.N.C.E.
  21 Jun 07 ·moondog: ah thanks for that, yes i´ve heard that. So i guess they have sampled it then. But what do you call the genre, italy disco, italy hits, i think i have heard something somewhere
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