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Iím not saying  performed by Nico  1965
Recommended by delicado [profile]

This magical track is from a 1965 single produced by Rolling Stones impresario Andrew Loog Oldham. It's a folky pop song with a manically strummed acoustic guitar and constant beat. There's some more full orchestration (brass and strings), but it's slightly hidden in the mix. The charm of this song for me lies in both Nico's bittersweet delivery ("I'm not saying that I love you/I'm not saying that I care/If you love me..I'm not saying that I care/I'm not saying I'll be there when you want me") and the catchy chord sequence in the verse. Some of the bridge sections are slightly corny and obvious musically, but Nico's majestic vocal lifts the song and makes me want to hear it again.

from the single Iím not saying (Immediate IM 003)
available on CD - The Classic Years (Polygram)

  17 Nov 05 ·Gwendolyn: I love this song, Nico is one of my favorites. Her voice has such a uniqueness. It's very deep and peaceful.
  26 May 06 ·brightdayler: Oh, wow. This comment is four years old! But I just joined this place and this is one of my favorite songs right now, in 2006. I harbor a little resentment for Delicado, who claims the bridge is corny. I know it's not so insightful to say this since two of Nico's songs were used in another Wes Anderson movie, but the bridge section reminds me a lot of Rushmore, when Max and Blume do a simultaneous jump on bikes at the end, after their reconciliation. I guess that's why I like it. I wish Nico would have done more stuff like this.
  26 Apr 07 ·belphegor: i grew up on the gordon lightfoot version--but cripes, leave it to nico to so deliciously catastrophize a perfectly good tune. hers is amazingly well executed in the sentiments conveyed, ...and some catchy, too! love it, love it, love it.
Fairest of the seasons  performed by Nico
Recommended by inbloom44 [profile]

This song leaves me speechless.

  29 Nov 05 ·Gwendolyn: Me too.
Red Rain  performed by The White Stripes  2005
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

God damn, I love Jack White. This song blows my mind... it absolutely blows my mind. I can't believe that any rock and roll band is doing something so incredibly original and startling and at the same time so basic and so primitive. The White Stripes make me believe that rock and roll, real bluesy wild rock, still lives and breathes.

from Get Behind Me Satan

  16 Dec 05 ·Gwendolyn: ahh! the lyrics are so good

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