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CaitlinSpelledWrong [profile] has commented on 4 tracks.
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Come Pick Me Up  performed by Ryan Adams  2000
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

This song is quite possible the greatest break-up song ever written. "Come fuck me up/Steal all my records" Wry, and emotional and bitter. Ryan Adams proves why he's a brilliant songwriter.

from Heartbreaker

  13 Apr 06 ·CaitlinSpelledWrong: YOu're exacltly right and I just had to say that the lyrics are extremely forword and out there but there's still something beautiful about it. Ryan Adams is full of nothing but truth.
Iris  performed by Goo Goo Dolls  1998
Recommended by Carrie [profile]

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be,
And I don't want to go home right now..

This song always leaves me feeling emotionally shaken, but in a good way. The lyrics are really powerful.

The sound is amazing; the guitar sounds great.
One of the other instruments used is a mandolin.

Definately one of my favourite songs.

from Dizzy Up The Girl
available on CD - City of Angels Soundtrack

  14 Apr 06 ·CaitlinSpelledWrong: I always wondered exactly what was the instrument in that song that I loved. I thought maybe it was a violin but it must be a mandolin. It's so beautiful and it just adds to the beauty of the lyrics
Everybody Hurts  performed by R.E.M.  1992
Recommended by xfanatic50 [profile]

If you're ever depressed and feeling really low, just put this song on... and everything will be ok. Inspiring and incredibly beautiful.

from Automatic For the People (Warner Bros.)

  19 Apr 06 ·CaitlinSpelledWrong: It's a great song and the video might be even better. Scratch that out, you can't compare the song and the video. Just know that the video is amazing.
  26 Apr 06 ·ambassador: i just heard this song again on the radio after not hearing it for a couple of years and it became so clear to me that the boys from R.E.M. masterfully created a modern, pleading soul ballad. Notice the breakdown at the end and you can almost imagine Mike Stipe down on his knees pleading to the audience, ala James Brown. Love the song even more now.
cigarettes and chocolate milk  performed by rufus wainwright  2002
Recommended by catch_her [profile]

"Cigarettes and chocolate milk
These are just a couple of my cravings
Everything it seems I like's a little bit stronger
A little bit thicker, a little bit harmful for me"

from poses

  11 Jul 04 ·djfreshmoney: Just copying and pasting in lyrics doesn't really make me want to find out more about the music. How about filling in the rest of the info, including the reasons you're recommending the song!
  20 Apr 06 ·CaitlinSpelledWrong: I really love this song by Rufus. It's a cute little song and very catchy. Pluse who doesn't want to hear a song about cigarettes and chocolate milk.

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