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A Dream Goes On Forever  performed by Todd Rundgren  1974
Recommended by BillyG [profile]

I was looking up and down the list and wondered "why wasnt there any Todd Rundgren"? This is one of my all-time favorites from him at his creative peak. Although sometimes his ego and additudes about the music business (and fans) gets in the way of me enjoying his music, on this track he keeps his ego in check and uses his melodic (and commercial) smarts to make this one of this greatest ballads.

This is just an wonderful track, along with a amazing Stevie Wonder meets Brian Wilson all synth production. Also check the solo piano version on his "Back to The Bars" 2-CD set.

from Todd (Bearsville, reissued by Rhino)
available on CD - Todd, also on The Best Of Todd Rundgren (Rhino)

All the King’s Horses  performed by Dusty Springfield  1969
Recommended by Celainn [profile]

from Dusty in Memphis (Rhino 75580), available on CD

You Told Me  performed by The Monkees  1967
Recommended by nuthings [profile]

Underrated Monkees pop song with a country feel to it about getting tired of a lover's lies: "times have made me shy of all the things you're saying, times have made me shy of girls and all the games they are playing".

from Headquarters (Colgems), available on CD

  11 Oct 05 ·adam12: Love this tune as well. As you may know this is the first song first side of Headquarters which was the first Monkees album that featured them playing arranging and producing the music. Mike Nesmith penned tune with a great banjo work from Peter Tork. This cut probably opened the ears of a few cynics when it came out. Definitely not light weight pop, more of a Byrds, country rock feel. Very underated song and album.
Nikki  performed by Burt Bacharach
Recommended by Harch [profile]

A bouncy, delightful instrumental. Those who are in their late 40s/early 50s will recognize the song as the theme from the old ABC Movie of the Week TV series. Bacaharach did it twice, first on a mono 45, then re-recorded on a stereo album. Both versions are now available on CD... the mono on the great 3 CD Box Set "The Look Of Love", and the stereo re-make on the new "What The World Needs Now" CD.

available on CD - The Look of Love (Rhino)

  12 Feb 05 ·Synthetrix: I love Nikki! I wish the actual version that was used for the ABC Movie of the Week was available. That one is a bit more lush with more strings.
Just What I’ve Been Looking For  performed by The Vogues  1968
Recommended by delicado [profile]

Genius late 60s pop with vocal harmonies. This was composed by Roger Nichols, and has some beautiful chord changes and Bacharach-meets-Brian-Wilson interludes.

The verse is sombre and in a minor key, but when they sing 'close to me' to usher in the chorus, the sun comes out! There's some scat singing in the interludes. I had previously only really known the Vogues for '5 o'clock world', but this is superb - an unusual and memorable track.

from Greatest Hits, available on CD

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