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Spirit Ditch  performed by Sparklehorse  1995
Recommended by executiveslacks [profile]

I really could've picked any song from this album, but this was the song that stood out the most when I first heard it.
A gentle, almost fragile, home recording. Hushed vocals, simple guitar lines, and minimal drums, its intimacy is compounded tenfold towards the end when he samples what could very well have been a message left on his answering machine.

from Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot, available on CD (Capitol)

showroom dummies  performed by kraftwerk  1976
Recommended by phil [profile]

I'm on such a kraftwerk tip these days that I could recommend loads of their tracks, but this one is a real classic - there they all are, looking super-geeky on the cover, and then they serve up an ice-cool 8 minutes complaining about the horrors of fame. It's the normal kraftwerk thing - robotic beats, beautiful, simple melodies, and heavily accented singing, and going on for a LONG TIME.

My favourite bit is when one of the guys counts in the song - ein, zwei, drei, vier! As if - as if! - the machines need telling the tempo...

from Trans Europe Express, available on CD (Capitol)

Mull of Kintyre  performed by Paul McCartney  1977
Recommended by bunwhisper [profile]

This is a beautiful, sweeping song that brings such strong visuals of the Scottish landscape to mind. Like the land it is alternately beautiful and lonely.

from Single only (EMI)
available on CD - Wings Greatest Hits (Capitol)

Imagine  performed by John Lennon  1971
Recommended by bunwhisper [profile]

The most beautiful song ever written. John's signature song.

from Imagine (Apple Records)
available on CD - Shaved Fish (Capitol)

Hey Jude  performed by Beatles  1970
Recommended by Celainn [profile]

available on CD - The Beatles 1 (Capitol)

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