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I hung my head  performed by Johnny Cash  2002
Recommended by andrew76 [profile]

This is a cover of a song by Sting. I haven't heard Sting's version but I am not a fan of what I have heard. Anyway, Cash's version is stripped down to the bare essentials, acoustic guitar and piano with a little bit of keyboard in the background to add some depth, but the music is secondary to the great mans voice. He's in his seventies, and all the age an experience in his voice just makes the youth and experience of the lyrics all the more poignant. His voice reminds me of my grandfather (May he rest in peace). The whole Album (American Recordings IV - The Man Comes Around) is incredible and this song is a stand out track among many, both original and covered.

from American Recordings IV The Man Comes Around (American 063 339-2), available on CD

Redemption Song  performed by Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer  2003
Recommended by Ganesha [profile]

Yes i think this is the most powerful version of the song, even better than Marley's. People go on about Hurt and with good cause, however i believe this is just as wonderful. Again he brings a different interpretation to the lyrics, given the past of both these men. I think you need to be older to capture this song, since we dont have Bob around i suggest you hear this.

from Unearthed (American Recordings)

  01 Dec 06 ·n-jeff: I used to close my pub DJ sets with this, perfect if you want to see big scary men cry. Someone cherry picked the boxed set for a vinyl bootleg "The devils right hand". Which naturally has this (first track side one IIRC) as well as a nice rheumy picture of JC on the cover. 3 dead men.

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