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3 libras  performed by a perfect circle

a beautiful, haunting, disturbing song. maynard's voice just does something that twists up my heart every time i hear the song. this is one of the songs i can put on repeat and just completely let swallow me whole. it's perfect for a dark mood.

are you gonna be my girl  performed by jet

yes, this is one of the songs in the commercials for itunes. yes, it is probably going to be overplayed and annoy you to death. but until then, it's a damned rocking good song. i have had to listen to it a few times a day, and i still can't get it out of my head, not that i want to. makes me want to dance, puts me in a good mood. is it a really great song? maybe not. but for now, it completely rocks.

per second second  performed by wrens

a fast paced song. can't understand a single lyric, but it's a good song to bop to. the wrens are being talked up quite a bit lately, in indie circles, with 'this boy is exhausted' being the center of hype, but 'per second second' is one of my favorites from them right now.

  05 Nov 03 ·Open Book: They're new album is absolutely phenomenal, no?
neverending math equation  performed by modest mouse

one of my favorites from modest mouse. while they certainly have a distinctive sound, i think they manage to make each of their songs rather unique. this is one of the songs that encapsulate just about everything i love about modest mouse. it's just a quirky sound, with terrific lyrics.

  04 Nov 03 ·heinmukk: some additional information would be nice. e.g. what kind of music is this? i mean..punk or indie or...? by the way this is the only feature i miss about this lovely site: every song should have a category in which its musicstyle is saved. you know, like in those mp3-tags. then you would have a nice search button for all bossa nova songs for example! :)

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