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Aint going to Goa  performed by Alabama 3

The ultimate anti "isn't the 3rd world great hippy song" old hippies good new hippies bad.

I saw Nick Drake  performed by Robyn Hitchcock

A bit like Nick Drake.

The ultimate tribute song.............

I'm getting into this contributing thing, what a great website, unfortunately I can't be arsed to search out all the details.... Arranged by??? but fair play to you who can be arsed.

  21 May 04 ·JayEspi3000: I first heard the name "Nick Drake" from this song. Thanks for the recommendation, Robyn.
Duchess  performed by Scott Walker

I don't think there is any middle ground with old Scott. Love him/hate him

I originally started to listen to him because of recommendations from Julian Cope, not personally, from his book, Head on/Repossessed, a great rock'n'roll read.

To me This is Scott at his best, balancing well his mesmerising voice, with his world weary poetic lyrics, not too over produced, a beatiful ballad.

sample Lyric " You shed your names with the seasons, still they all return with their last remains, and they lay them before you... like reasons...."

available on CD - Kaza the Ultimate Scott

Majory Razor Blade  performed by Kevin Coyne

70's oh so 70's daubs of wierd gaudiness, layered over plain drabness.

Quirky....very quirky also hilarious, disturbing and unforgettable.

Sample Lyric " Oh what a woman what a tongue, what an abrasive manner"

I first heard this when i around 15 or 16, borrowed from a local Mushroom dealer called Mad dog, I kid you not. At the time I'd "Inadvertently" consumed some of his wares, and was beginning to get hazy and paisley, hence he made me and a couple of friends lay down on his room floor, head to toe, turned off the lights and put Majory Razorblade on.........we giggled in the darkness like school kids,which we were, as we listened to the tale of the woman with the long and fusty dress..I've never forgotten it....

I highly recommend the Album Majory Razorblade, by Kevin Coyne - a lost genius. The title track sets the tone for an album full of seedy characters, each lost in their own wanton little worlds, with lashings of philosphical blurbs "Being on your own is hard, being with someone is harder"

well worth exploring.........

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