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Follow Me  performed by John Barry Orchestra  1972
Composed by John Barry

This track also comes from "The Very Best Of John Barry" and is the main titles from the soundtrack of the film "Follow Me" starring Mia Farrow, Topol and Michael Jayston and directed by Carol Reed in 1971. The soundtrack has only been offically released in Japan for some reason but a version can be found on the Polydor CD "The Very Best of John Barry" which in itself is a compilation of two John Barry Polydor albums released in the 70s (one of which is the fantastic "The Concert John Barry"). The track is a lush string led theme in a minor key with the Polydor version including a mandolin leading the main melody along. The film I saw many years ago and my memory of it is very vague, but I do remember enjoying it and the music really stuck with me (being directed by Carol Reed who gave us "The Third Man" means it must have had something going for it!). The soundtrack is also available as a 500 limited edition bootleg (Dark Son Records DSRJB71-01A) and includes the vocal version heard at the end credits. Like a lot of Barry's 60s output the soundtrack consists of the main theme repeated in various different styles with the exception of one or two tracks (like "The Knack" and "The Ipcress File").

from The Very Best Of John Barry (Polydor 849 095 - 2), available on CD

Lost  performed by Morrissey  1997
Composed by Morrissey/S.J. Cobrin

"Jet trails in the sky, leave one word behind". This amazing Morrissey track is the "b" side of his "Roy's Keen" single (along with another wonderful track "The Edges Are No Longer Parallel"). Co-written this time with Morrissey's drummer Spencer Cobrin, it's so strong lyrically, and has a wonderful melody it could have been a single in its own right. The only gripe I have about it is the use of a synth rather than real strings to provide the widescreen backdrop, but it's not terribly important. A wonderful torch song from one of the only British singer/songwriters still worth listening to.

available on CD - Roy's Keen (single) (Island)

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood  performed by Nina Simone  1966
Composed by Gloria Caldwell, Sol Marcus, Bennie Benjamin

"Baby you understand me now..." sends chills down your spine.
This is the best version of this song that I have ever heard!! If you are familiar with The Animals version, then give this one a try. You won't be disapointed.

from Lady Blue (Charly Records UK B00000369Q)

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