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If There is Something  performed by Roxy Music  1972
Recommended by geezer [profile]

An extraordinary track that begins its life as an awkward attempt at country and western before very quickly resolving itself an removing it self from conventional pop music ,seven minutes later your life will never be the same again.How four conventional instruments could carve something so cosmic is beyond belief,not cosmic in a Floyd way or even a Grateful Dead way but truly other worldly.Ferry,s pledge that he would do ANYTHING for his girl resonate against weird synths ,weird guitar and heart breaking saxophone ,the wiords become the music and the music becomes the words ,a truly cerebral conclusion is achieved This is used to staggering effect in the Daniel Craig film "Flashbacks of a Fool" and to hear and see this track is almost overwhelming.

Natural To Be Gone  performed by Anita Kerr Singers  1970
Recommended by konsu [profile]

A real up-beat number for a very cerebral tune! All AK's records are full of wierd moments and odd delights, this is the one from the set that aim's to please! It starts out with the groups signature harmonies in a acapella almost swingle-like mode, and then kicks in to a hybrid pop groove from heaven, with castanets clacking away ... And the lyrics are wild ! :..." What's the difference being different when it's difference now that looks alike, you say i'm changing and i'm not so sure it's wrong..." " It's just that centerline on this highway runs up my banjo neck, and I feel somehow that it's natural to be gone..."

Written by John Hartford. A name i've seen before, but i'm not familiar with his work. I'd like to know more if anyone knows his definitive recordings!

from It's Anita Kerr Country (Dot DLP 25976)

  rio: John Hartford was a regular on The Glen Campbell television showof the late 60s, he wrote "Gentle on my mind" among other pop hits done by other artists.. talented writer and musician..
  artlongjr: Hartford was a favorite of mine as a kid, I used to see him on the Smothers Brothers and Glen Campbell shows, where he was somewhat of a regular. He was a celebrity back then for writing "Gentle on My Mind" which became a 60s standard. I do recall that he was a riverboat captain as well as a musician. He died a few years ago, which I was sorry to hear, but I've seen a number of his CDs that were on the market. I love his 60's stuff, he had a great laconic style.
Running Thoughts  performed by Deerhoof  2005
Recommended by Solo [profile]

Somewhat Math-y rock with beautiful instrumental guitar tones, unusual atmospherics, and a mind-blowing conclusion

from The Runners Four (Kill Rock Stars)

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