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Fifth Dimension  performed by Arling & Cameron  2001
Recommended by n-jeff [profile]

Not quite as easy as I'd expect from A&C, having a more rocky almost Krautrock feel. An insistent bassline, nice harmonising vocals, shiny almost Can-like guitars, with these very, very nice pastoral breakdowns. Vaguely psychedlic almost.

from We are A & C, available on CD (Emporer Norton)

I've Seen To Dream  performed by Harmony Grass  1968
Recommended by tempted [profile]

This is a mesmerizing pop-psych number from maybe the greatest British vocal group of the sixties. The composition is adventurous and reminiscent of SF-based sunshine pop but with that distinctive, eloquent British touch.
Harmony Grass was the group Tony Rivers fronted after his success with The Castaways.
He's been an important influence on Mike Alway's legendary ´┐Żl label.

available on CD - Tony Rivers Series vol. 2 (RPM/Cherry Red)

  musicmars: Yea tempted, we agree once more. I love that song. Another of the best 60's pop-psych songs. I can't think of one that's better. How is the rest of the cd? I only have the song on an el compilation.
  delicado: Winning track!
  eftimihn: Just wanted to recommend this to see it's already here. Fantastic track for sure, the whole album is uneven but "I think of you" is another winner on there...
  Major Minor: Excellent track... I would also put up "What a groovy day" at least as good as this one. If anyone wanted to further check into Tony Rivers of this era the "Harmony Grass" compilation is recommended...
Joanne  performed by Michael Nesmith & the First National Band  1970
Recommended by artlongjr [profile]

This is one of the songs that first got me started as a music fan when I heard it back in the summer of 1970 in Yosemite Park. I still like it just as much today...I am a huge Michael Nesmith fan, and this is my favorite song by him. Beautiful pastoral-sounding lyrics and Mike's delightful falsetto at the end of each verse make this song a wonderful gem of a ballad. Also key to the beauty of this track is the pedal steel playing of the great Red Rhodes, who was
involved in all of Mike's early 70's albums.

from Magnetic South (RCA)

Love’s A Lonely Place To Be  performed by Virginia Astley  1982
Recommended by thefamilycat [profile]

This is my favorite song and is very close to a Christmas carol,especially "Walking in the air"
It appeared on the Indie charts in early 1983 peaking at No.5,sharing the chart with no end of punks.
Virginia Astley had little to do with Rock,never mind Punk

from Promise Nothing (Crepsescule)

  shakeahand: Yes quite beautiful, and then so easy to forget how dark and uncomfortable the lyrics are - being in a loveless relationship with, it seems, no way out. See also Some Small Hope, a duet with David Sylvian, another etherial mix of beauty and sadness.
  thefamilycat: Only a few of Virginia Astley's songs related to her own life.Her pet subjects were "having someone" or "almost having someone",tales of childhood or ideas from World War 1 poetry. "Tree Top Club" is actually set in thre village where her family lived at the time":Stanmore North London.The "ruined church" referred to can be seen in the churchyard where it was left after burning down. Her 90s songs continued the poetic and religious imagery she was so fond of and scenes from Alice in Wonderland are quite obvious
Senses Working Overtime  performed by X T C  1982
Recommended by geezer [profile]

From its folk song intro to the tweeting bird conclusion this is a master class in pastoral pop,unmistakably English and undeniably brilliant .
This is XTC,s finest moment and their biggest hit ,that tranquil introduction explodes into a football terrace style chorus becoming more euphoric at each turn slowly winding down to its resting place somewhere in a quiet church yard

from English Settlement, available on CD

Tales from the Riverbank  performed by The Jam  1981
Recommended by geezer [profile]

Released as a B-side in 1981 ,this group were so prolific at this time vast parts of their output never made it to albums ,turning up ,like this gem as b sides or outakes,This is late period Jam in a wistful jangly mood but with a darker undertone lurking behind the mellowness ,the song ,lyrically,mourns the passing of a way of life sacrificed to progress and declining morals.Has hints of British psychedelica at its most parochial ,The Kinks come to mind as do early Floyd.The almost pastoral feel of this was not out of step with Wellers writing at this time and his finest inspiration often came to fruition on calssic b-sides like this .

from Extras (Polydor)
available on CD - The Jam-Extras

Until I Believe in my Soul  performed by Dexys Midnight Runners  1982
Recommended by geezer [profile]

All the elements that made Dexys so interesting are distilled into this spritual eoic,passion ,commitment and the awkward genius of Kevin Rowland from the album that gave the world "Come on Eileen" this is ifve minutes of beauty,sweat and belief.Commencing with a pastoral flute and quickly growing into that familiar dexys blend of brass and strings ,a rousing chorus and a lonely whistled finale .Not immediately accesible but if you're a "bit" interested you could be converted for ever.

from Too Rye Ay, available on CD

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