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secret meeting  performed by the national  2005
Recommended by ghosttomost [profile]

this song is off of alligator, which in my opinion is top five best albums of the decade. absolutely brilliant. the music paired with Matt Berninger's distinctively enchanting vocals will keep you wanting more.

from alligator

Crooked Teeth  performed by Death Cab for Cutie  2005
Recommended by HelterSkelter [profile]

Very nice sound to it, you got your basic instrument set in this one, I like it because of the lyrics.. They're not totally simple. It's easy to understand today's pop and stuff like that, but Deathcab actually puts some more effort into their music.

from Plans (Atlantic)

Sexual Healing  performed by Hot-8 Brass Band  2005
Recommended by Festy [profile]

I think Marvin would be proud of this version, though quite unlike the original. A typical brass band sound introduces the song for a couple of verses which then drop out as drums and hand-claps accompany a group singing vocals over the top. Raw yet fun. I've edited this audio clip to try get as much as possible a feel of the song into it.

from Rock With The Hot 8 (Tru Thoughts)
available on CD - Unfold Presents Tru Thoughts Covers (Tru Thoughts)

Neverending Math Equation  performed by Sun Kil Moon  2005
Recommended by twanza [profile]

Sun Kil Moon issued an album called, Tiny Cities, in 2005. It's composed entirely of Modest Mouse covers rearranged for acoustic guitar. I almost didn't recognize this song when I first heard it, until I paid attention to the lyrics and then BOOM! I have to admit to loving this album more than the original MM recordings.

from Tiny Cities, available on CD (Caldo Verde)

Bare Bones and Branches  performed by Lewis and Clarke  2005
Recommended by theratking [profile]

Beautiful acoustic instrumentation
Two part vocals are well done
very moving
great composition, emotive climax

from Bare Bones and Branches

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