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4 tracks from 2003 have been recommended by izumi.
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Further  performed by Longview  2003
Recommended by izumi [profile]

I first heard this song on MTV, back when nobody knew who Longview were. The music (guitar, bass, drums) is great and the melody is awesome. The lyrics are simple and poetic at the same time and I get really nice images in my head when I hear this song, partly because it's very vivid and also due to the fact that they made a really cool video for it. Some people think this is a religious song just because it mentions God, but that's completely irrelevant. I can't say I know what it's about but I know it's a good listen.

from Mercury (14th Floor 5046762032)
available on CD - Further

The Saddest Song  performed by The Ataris  2003
Recommended by izumi [profile]

I love the meaning and melody of this song. It's not about love or death or anything, but about how the singer feels sorry because he doesn't spend enough time with his daughter. It always makes me feel sad listening to this because I can relate to it on a personal level. There are two versions of this song, a guitar/drum version (which I prefer), but the acoustic version is just as good and the same piano theme occurs in both.

from So Long, Astoria (Columbia 5105302)

Endless Sacrifice  performed by Dream Theater  2003
Recommended by izumi [profile]

It's a shame not everyone can be into this type of music, because this is really one of the best, most incredible songs I've ever heard in my entire life! It's good for all the right reasons...everything about the music is amazing, from lyrics, guitar, bass to drum and all the cool instruments they've used.

This song is REALLY long (about 10 minutes I think!) so it's a real musical odyssey and worth listening to. It's one of those great works of art that needs all your attention because it won't let your mind stay idle while you're listening to it. The guitar riffs are so breath-taking and the big instrumental break halfway through the song makes it outstanding.

from Train of Thought (Elektrik 7559628912)

Swing, Swing  performed by The All-American Rejects  2003
Recommended by izumi [profile]

I love the organ used in this song's intro, and Tyson Ritter has really yummy vocals. :D Okay, well, besides that, it's a soppy, lovey-dovey song about loneliness and heartbreak and losing your girlfriend (I guess). The lyrics may seem a bit tacky but it's still a cool melodic song with lots of catchy hooks and a great sing-along!

from The All-American Rejects (Polydor 4504606)

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