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4 tracks from 2002 have been recommended by mitchiavelli.
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Runnin' Out of Fools  performed by Neko Case  2002
Recommended by mitchiavelli [profile]

Neko puts her golden throat to this sultry old soul number and creates magic.

It is one of the few covers on her new album 'Blacklisted' but is the one where she really demonstrates her voice's depth, range and emotion.

Simply brilliant.

from Blacklisted (Mint (Canada) Bloodshot (US)), available on CD (Mint Records (Canada) Bloodshot (US))

Outro With Bees (Reprise)  performed by Neko Case  2002
Recommended by mitchiavelli [profile]

Neko Case has dropped 'the Boyfriends' and pushed the musical boundaries with her new album 'Blacklisted.'

She's moving away from alt. country and incorporating more elements from jazz, soul and experimental music.

The best example of this is Outro for Bees (Reprise), a hidden track on the album. It incorporates jazz(ish) vocals with found sounds to create music that sounds like a badly tuned radio. Very effective and musically challenging...I'd like to hear more like this from her!

available on CD - Blacklisted (Mint Records (Canada) Bloodshot (US))

Catscan  performed by Carolyn Mark and the Room-mates  2002
Recommended by mitchiavelli [profile]

'Catscan' is an absolutely hilarious number from chanteuse Carolyn Mark (and the Room-mates).

This song is about mutual recrimination, fidelity and growing old with the one you love (and hate), and could easily be a duet between Archie and Edith Bunker.

Wonderful stuff!

It is on Mint Records and can be ordered from:

from Terrible Hostess (Mint Records), available on CD (Mint)

Love Will Take Its Time  performed by Mary Margaret O'Hara  2002
Recommended by mitchiavelli [profile]

'Love Will Take Its Time' is from the soundtrack to the film 'Apartment Hunting'.

O'Hara devotees like myself have been waiting for 15 years for a follow-up to 'Miss America' and we got a fine one in 'Apartment Hunting'.

'Love Will Take Its Time' is a jump blues/jazz number with few of the vocal tics/tricks that make O'Hara a singers singer.

Those who love creative vocals must check it out!

It is not being distributed widely so you may have to go here: if you want it.

from Apartment Hunting (soundtrack) (Apartment Hunting Productions)
available on CD - Apartment Hunting (Apartment Hunting Productions)

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