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One More Time  performed by The Clash  198?
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

I love the Clash. I love the way they were four disparate individuals each bringing their own stuff to the mix. Topper's excellent drumming, Simonon's cool, Mick Jones musicality and street smarts, and Joe Strummer's....umm...Strummer-ness.

I love the fact they didn't play Top of the Pops. I love the fact that Strummer admitted that this was mainly 'cos he was crap at miming rather than out of any significant political stance or anything.

I love how gooood they were live. And I love the fact that I was lucky enough to see them.

I love the fact that Strummer picked 'Crawfish' as his favourite Elvis song. I also love the fact that sometimes, to my mind, they got things badly wrong, sounded a bit gauche or wrongheaded or worse. I'm thinking of Red Brigade t-shirts, using Belfast as a photo opportunity, and maybe singing about ghettos and Brixton, for the 'romance' of it when they weren't necessarily the closest to either. I dunno. That side makes me feel uneasy at times, but that's fine - makes me think.

This song is great. Reggae influenced rock, Strummer belting out 'one more time in the ghetto...'.

Its been so sad losing Joe, Johnny (Cash) and John (Peel) over the last couple of years. Good men, you feel.

from Sandanista, available on CD

Il est ne le divine enfant  performed by Sioxsie and the Banshees  198?
Recommended by mattypenny [profile]

This is 'Kiss in A Dreamhouse'-era Banshees - the B-side of 'Melt'. Its suitably gothic, but a fairly straight reading of the original carol, which is quite gothic sounding in the first place I guess. Sung in French with, I think, Siouxsie's voice multi-tracked. And its got bells on it.

Other Christmas songs:
Fairy Tale of New York - Christy Moore
Cajun Christmas
Il est Ne le Devine Enfant - Siouxsie and the Banshees
All I really want for Christmas - Ini Kamoze (maybe?)
Christmas Lullaby - Shane MacGowan
White Christmas - The Drifters

from not on an albnum
available on CD - Might be on the B-sides compilation they head out

Golden Brown  performed by The Stranglers  198?
Recommended by jcb3 [profile]

We got (still get) very little British music here in the States, even the top of the pops - I'm continually discovering great stuff that is decades old...

One of my all time faves is this Strangler's tune - beautiful imagery, some etherial background vocals, altogether a wonderful "mellow" tune from a band best known over here for punk.

  07 Feb 06 ·n-jeff: Lovely, surprisingly, considering what boorish herberts the stranglers could be. Nice video too, 20's Cairo chic, grubby whie suits, rubber plants, faded sepia hotel splendour. I've always wanted that sort of white suit, maybe it was watching Casablanca at an early age.
  23 Mar 06 ·audioadventures: I was into the band before they broke as they were based in our town. Golden Brown is from La Folie album (1982).
Fulham Court  performed by The Faith Brothers  198?
Recommended by TDQ [profile]

Uplifting yet raw, and very passionate, like evrything they ever did. It amazed me they never broke through, they were a cut above the rest of that genre. Would love any MP3s or if someone could point me to where I`d find a CD would be very grateful. Ah go on! Thanks! [email protected]

from Bside

Vindaloo  performed by The Pussywillows  198?
Recommended by Jackamaku [profile]

available on CD - Kill the Moonlight


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