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4 tracks from 1979 have been recommended by geezer.
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Dancer  performed by Gino Soccio  1979
Recommended by geezer [profile]

An electronic collusus,the real joy of repitition ,its influence is 50% Kraftwerk and the same of Giorgio Moroder,a lenghthy epic dance workout ,increasing in intensity as it hurtles ,train like, to its sweaty conclusion ,its one concession to its American origins is the radio friendly vocal style ,imagine Hall and Oates being produced by Moroder and you are some way there .

A small hit at the time which has grown into a genuine dance classic,re mixed and revised several times ,but its always that relentless rhythym which grabs the listener,refusing to let go .

from Dancer
available on CD - Best of

Outdoor Miner  performed by Wire  1979
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A short sweet pop song played with a concentration that belies its melodic simplicity,mellow for a new wave act but too edgey for pure pop .Imagine something from late sixties San Francisco finding itself in late seventies London amidst domestic turmoil and rain and you will have a clearer picture of the mood and times surrounding this gorgeous little nugett.

from Chairs Missing, available on CD

  29 Oct 09 ·kohl: agreed. very good song.
Complex  performed by Gary Numan  1979
Recommended by geezer [profile]

At the time a unique fusion of cold synthetic and a warmer organic fragility,following two consecitive number ones "Are Friends Electric"and "Cars" this track revealed the enormous potential of Numan,s futuristic vision.A slow piano led "ballad" with aching cello and violin parts ,sad and beautiful and if i must say utterly pleasant.

from The Pleasure Principle
available on CD - Pleasure Principle

Fridays Angels   performed by Generation x  1979
Recommended by geezer [profile]

A punk band that made the progress limited to just a few like the Jam and Killing Joke.This is guitar shaped power pop with a healthy slice of mod swagger and a fantastic chorus .A kind of Bowie esque tribute to wasted cool and what should have been a sure fire top tenner .This came from a buried gem of an album produced by Mott the Hooples Ian Hunter and listening now with hindsight that makes perfect sense ,the group and producer managing to crytalise glams optimism and punks negativity.

from Valley of the Dolls (Chrysalis)
available on CD - Valley of the Dols

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