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2 tracks from 1974 have been recommended by Festy.
We Could Be Flying  performed by The Singers Unlimited w/ Art Van Damme  1974
Recommended by Festy [profile]

This was the first version of this song that I'd heard, but have since discovered that it has been recorded many times. The song is written by Michel Colombier & Paul Williams and this version is somewhat haunting, whilst, at the same time, it's also spacey and heavenly. The lush vocals give the song its "other worldly" sound.

available on CD - Afternoon Tea Music - Clear Herb Tea (Universal Music)

  22 Apr 05 ·Mr Steal: I only ever heard this once - been looking for it ever since. It's truly lovely. I should say that Scott Walker does a really nice version of the song on his much-maligned (but actually pretty OK - albeit covers only) LP Any Day Now.
Rei do Carnaval  performed by Ivan Lins  1974
Recommended by Festy [profile]

Ivan Lins is a prolific song-writer, with his songs being covered by many artists from Brazil and beyond. Chances are you would've heard one of his songs before as they've been covered by names such as Sarah Vaughan, George Benson and Mark Murphy to name a few. This track is the opener from his debut 1974 album 'Modo Livre'. The CD reissue doesn't list the musicians on the album but it sounds like Sivuca singing parts in this - if not, I'm sure he was an influence. I like the way this song shifts from a feeling of happiness to a moment of 'concern' (not sure how to describe it, but that's how I hear it) in a single chord change only to return to its originally feeling. At the end there are some swells on the strings that just do something to my insides. Amazing how something so simple and fleeting can have such an impact.

from Modo Livre, available on CD (RCA)

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