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3 tracks from 1970 have been recommended by shaka_klaus.
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jumpiní jack flash  performed by ananda shankar  1970
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

one of my fave songs at the moment. what's better than a funky sitar mover? a funky sitar/moog mover! i think you can find it on ebay or on some indian comps.

from ananda shankar (reprise)

  27 May 03 ·n-jeff: A true go-go swinger! It works in ways that it quite clearly shouldn't. The LP should be quite available, it was re-issued cheaply fairly recently.
  24 Jun 03 ·tinks: oh hell yes. i love me some ananda...but i also have a special affinity for such lesser more exploitative sitarists such as big jim sullivan or lord sitar. i recently dug a sweet thelma houston version of the song at the swap meet, for what it's worth.
whole lotta love  performed by ccs  1970
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

i think that jtq borrowed quite a lot from ccs when they recorded their version of this song. i like the flute.

  30 Jun 03 ·n-jeff: Could even be 196? Familiar to those of us from theUK of a certain age as the theme to "top of the pops". Great hair and Sideburns on your man Alexis Corner, too. In fact don't they use it on TOTP 2 now?
  30 Jun 03 ·shaka_klaus: i don't know. i'm from sweden. i guess i'm not of a certain age either :).
  28 Jan 04 ·tinks: it's from 1970. and it was produced by mickie most, even!
der hund von baskerville  performed by cindy & bert  1970
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

i heard this song for the first time in spain at the purple weekend. the dj (mike stax) is as rather famous guy in the mod/garage/60's-scene. so i didn't have the guts to mail him about it for a year or so. but eventually i did and he gave me the details and told me that it was his girlfriend ho spun it. the song is a weird version of black sabbath's paranoid. i love this stuff. can be found on some german comps various artists as well as c&b comps. i saw the original cornet single on ebay a couple of months ago for a mere $180.

  28 Jun 04 ·eftimihn: This is a hugely bizarre cover version: Cindy & Bert were a somewhat annoying couple in the 60s & 70s doing very light pop tunes (called "Schlager" in Germany). It was recently released on a great compilation series by Bear Family Records called "Pop In Germany", with lots more of german oddities like Dusty Springfields "Son Of A Preacherman" in a hilarious version with ridiculous lyrics sung with bavarian accent...

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