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jesus christ superstar  performed by johnny keating  196?
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

never liked musicals, especially not the ones done by andrew lloyd webber. this one though is a whole different story! strange moog sounds mixed with big band jazz.

available on CD - the sound gallery vol 1 (scamp)

  18 Feb 02 ·n-jeff: It actually sounds better on the Sound Gallery Comp than the original Studio 2 LP (if you play the vinyls back to back), The other track lifted from this LP for the Sound Gallery I Feel the Earth Move, is the other stand out track. Along with the beefy Moog Bassline I love the harmonica on JCS, and used to double this up with Grooving with Mr Bloe.
love's gone bad  performed by chris clark/the underdogs  196?
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

a soul nugget from white mama chris clark. however this song did not hit as hard as expected so the boys in the underdogs recorded it too and released it (on the same label!) a few weeks later. i don't understand why it didn't make the charts because it's a great song.

  21 Feb 02 ·scrubbles: Oh, man, I agree. This song ROCKS. Holland-Dozier-Holland must have had major issues with Motown when they wrote this, it's overflowing with grit and pissed-offiness. I would give a slight edge to Chris Clark's version, the lyrics somehow seem more credible coming from a Dusty Springfield soundalike than a Paul Revere and the Raiders soundalike.
du hast mich  performed by howard carpendale  196?
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

german guy with a silly english name. i think there are tons of shit with his name on but this song rocks!

  26 Jun 03 ·eftimihn: Well, the guy has been living in germany forever it seems, but he's actually from south-africa, which kind of explains his silly name, which is his real name. You're right with the rest you've been saying though :)
  27 Jun 03 ·shaka_klaus: oh. i didn't know that. cheerio.
  03 Feb 04 ·Arthur: I love all this info! I picked up a pic sleeve 45 of Howards - a rather difficult version of "Stand By Me" -and the flip is called "Do Me A Favour" and Howard really goes to town on it!
wade in the water  performed by big mama thornton  196?
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

big mama wades in the water! yesssuh! by far my favourite version of this gospel number.

feathered fish  performed by sons of adam  196?
Recommended by shaka_klaus [profile]

heavy 60's garage... lots of guitars and even some double bass drumming? wicked guitar solo... i seem to like this late very white 60's garage thing. well, i guess we're all human beings.

  17 Apr 07 ·artlongjr: This song grew on me, I originally heard about it because it was a cover tune given to the band by Arthur Lee of Love. I have it on one of my many garage compilations, it's one of the best songs on there. Don't ever feel bad about garage band music, I love the stuff and I am black myself. Of course, a lot of garage bands were influenced by black musicians, especially the great Bo Diddley.

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