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Ad Gloriam  performed by Le Orme  1969
Recommended by antarctica [profile]

Ad Gloriam is a beautiful, light, joyous psychedelic pop song. It's built on looping melodic layers of sound by the standard guitar/bass/drum combo as well as piano and background vocals. I challenge anyone not to smile when they hear this track.

from Ad Gloriam

The Riviera Affair  performed by Neil Richardson  1969
Recommended by nighteye [profile]

Amazing song from the 1960's blending powerful luscious strings with a fast paced catchy melody. One might think that you have landed in the middle of a international crime affair in the French Riviera. Would work amazingly good as a theme-song for a TV-series (maybe it has been used that way already?)

available on CD - The Sound Gallery (Scamp)

Will You Be Staying After Sunday  performed by Peppermint Rainbow  1969
Recommended by stushea [profile]

Overproduced 1969 hit. But under the strings and horns is a good song and an excellent group vocal harmony performance.

from Will You Be Staying After Sunday (Decca DL75129)

The Creator Has A Master Plan  performed by Pharaoh Sanders  1969
Recommended by rum [profile]

A bit like in that James Bond film, ‘Live and Let Die', when all those somber funeral marchers suddenly go ape and break out into that frightening carnival procession. That but ten hundred fold. Or like a farmers market massacre on a beautiful summers day in June. One of the two. The Pharoah admitted as much in a recent interview. He said it had nothing to do with the creator having a master plan at all. "yeah I'd just finished reading that James Bond book, you know, with the skulls and shit and on the box comes this quiz show with all these animals being ritually slaughtered on it. And I thought, hey up, I've got a crackin' idea!"

Regardless of the themes and inspiration, it's an unbelievable track. Even if the descriptions "free jazz" and "34 minutes" set off all your alarm bells, I urge you let it go this one time, I urge you to seek it out.

It's better than the five most recent recommendations COMBINED! Can I get away with saying something as stupid as that?

from Karma

  24 Feb 06 ·n-jeff: The only Pharoah Saunders I've heard is on Alice Coltrane's "Journey to Satchinanda" (Scuse the poor spelling) which is remarkable. Not only is the playing remarkable, but so is the fact I love it so much, considering it's not only a saxaophone, but it's also in the 'too many notes' style of Jazz. But Saunders playing just seems to float around on top of everything else. Beautiful stuff. but anyway, what I really wanted to know was, is he really a Yorkshireman? (Ey up!?) Blimey.
  24 Feb 06 ·rum: yes, it's a little known pharoah fact, he was born in a little village just outside Barnsley.
  24 Feb 06 ·konsu: Thembi is another fine record for him as well.
Ask Yourself Why  performed by Michel LeGrand  1969
Recommended by konsu [profile]

A really nice cinema-pop gem from the team that brought us The Windmills of your Mind. Sung by Sally Stevens, one of Hollywoods great voices. Such a charming little song. It's one of those things you instantly play again after the first time you hear it. It's more or less a song about freedom, with lyrics that still sound fresh today:"...Bullets fly like popcorn on the screen, recommended wholesome nice & clean, making love's the thing that can't be seen... Why?"

Found it on this sort of cash-in LP for LeGrand's UA soundtrack work from 1970. Originally from the soundtrack for "La Piscine", which is harder than hell to find on it's own. The LP is awsome for fans of LeGrand for it has 3 tunes from "The Thomas Crown Affair" , "La Piscine" , "The Young Girls Of Rochefort" & the jazz theme from "Play Dirty".

from The Windmills of your Mind (United Artists UAS 6715)

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