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Little Eyes  performed by Yo La Tengo  2003
Recommended by Bazz [profile]

Season Of The Shark was a nice song off of Summer Sun but Little Eyes is much much better. It starts off with a penetrating beep followed by warm synths. When the beat starts you just can't refuse tapping along with your feet. And the vocals... oh my. The vocals sound as if angels are whispering in your ears. A nice instrumental break somewhere in the middle, and this song is a real gem on an album that was a big let down. Except for those two tracks.

from Summer Sun (Matador)

Saturday  performed by Yo La Tengo  2000
Recommended by Genza [profile]

So sparse... I like this. It just about moves along and has a real feel of desolation and hopelessness. And there's a top-quality drum machine sound in there too - which you just can't beat.

from And then nothing turned itself inside out (Matador Ole 371-2)

Damage  performed by Yo La Tengo  1997
Recommended by mayers [profile]

from I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, available on CD

Season of the Shark  performed by Yo la tengo  2003
Recommended by megara [profile]

Due to the constant everyday trippings, one learns to walk looking down, watching the cracks, watching the steps, watching the pebbles. That's how I found this track. I took a dive recently and came back to the surface with this song.
One little tune, one refrence and one image, these three combined make a lonely humming of this indie tune almost orchestral, de description of the saddest episodes or maybe just the most difficult ones, the unexplainable feeling, translated into a postcard of the big ocean, the clouds, the sun, the isolation, the danger, the sharks down by the surface surrounding your tiny boat, a breeze, a guitar, however you dive, always assured that seasons come and go.

from Summer Sun, available on CD (Matador)

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